Schreiner Group Corporate Video

More than 2.5 billion high-tech labels are designed and produced here every year. For renowned customers by motivated employees. Together we help make life safer and healthier for everyone. We pursue a direct path to success. We put ourselves in our customers shoes. Jointly, as a team, with a passion for our work. We enhance […]

Mark Keevers & Martin Green : World record in converting sunlight into electricity

My colleague Mark Keevers and I led a team that has set a new world record in converting sunlight into electricity. We achieved an efficiency of 40% by splitting a single beam of sunlight across two different types of solar cells. The innovative part of our work is the use of a custom designed bandpass […]

Balkonumuzda 8binTL maliyetle solar sistem kurduk | Solar Sistemler

hi everbody , we will show up our solar system at balcony we will produce electricity introduce aour solar system at this video specialy all connection detail and equipment connection ı will share all this specification lets start first our system will work as 24v system that why we ll connect batery serial caple we […]

This May: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

A NEW CLIMATE AGREEMENT HAS BEEN MADE “A Landmark moment in Paris” “The governments of the world have a plan to reduce climate changing greenhouse gas emissions after two decades of trying.” “This agreement should be the turning point in our story” BUT IT WON’T SAVE US “Even if all the initial targets set in […]

How We Give Back to Our Community at LPE // Honest Electricity

Are you with a sports club or community organisation in need of extra cash? Keep watching to learn how LPE is giving back to our community. Hi, I’m Julie, Team Leader of Customer Service at LPE. We are a QLD-based electricity supplier and we believe in supporting our local community. One way we do this […]

Ways to Conserve Electricity…

Save on Electric Bill Video to find out a way to make the motors in your home or businesses more efficient like you Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Pool Pump, or Large Refrigeration Motors like in Supermarkets. We are always looking for ways to get a Lower Electric Bill by reducing our power usage. Sign […]

Energy 101: Why We Need Electricity

We use electricity for almost everything. We use it to wash our clothes keep our homes comfortable, enjoy entertainment, and protect our food and medicines. Every day we’re adding new power consuming devices that were increasingly dependent upon. One of the fastest growing demands on energy is the cloud. A huge collection of wireless transmitters […]

CO anglais baccalauréat: could we survive without electricity

electricity provides us with the energy to power the technologies we use every day they give us heat , light, energy, transport, entertainment, communication, food, water and more let’s face it, if you live in the western world you simply cannot exist long term without electric power technologies of some kind or another our society […]