How to Build an Off Road Wheelchair (From 2 Electric Bikes)

So I met a girl a couple of weeks ago who is in a wheelchair. Now, wheelchairs are great for pavement and flat surfaces, but not so much for off-road adventures. I secretly built this off-road wheelchair by tying 2 electric bikes together with a seat in the center – kind of like a chariot […]

First Off-Road Test of the Homemade Electric Wheelchair

So today is the first legitimate test of this 4-wheeled, off-road, we don’t really have a name for it yet, but off-road wheelchair I guess you could call it. Cambry still does not know it’s coming. It hasn’t been painted. This test is happening before I send it off to get powder coated. Cambry in […]

Homemade Off Road Electric Wheelchair – She had NO Idea!

[Cambry] Nothing like this exists. I’ve been restricted to pavement for most of my adult life. I feel like way more free in this than like my wheelchair even. [Zack] So I met a girl named Cambry a couple months ago, who is paralyzed, which means she doesn’t have the use of her legs. Normally, […]