Prehistoric Mammals 🎡

Everybody know their Dinosaurs But what about the creatures living in their shadows? Hop in my time machine, travel to the Meso We’re going to pay a visit to the O.G. Mammals Meet Juramaia pretty monumental Dwelling in the trees in her high rise rental Earliest placental before it was the trend She be Khaleesi […]

Climate Change: How Doomed ARE We?

(bouncy music) – All right, so climate change is the existential question that humanity is facing. Just hearing those two words, I can feel my heart rate going up. – [Man] Climate change! – Oh, Oh, There it goes. But here’s my worry, are we too late? Has climate change reached the point of no […]

How Much Energy Does the Internet Use? | Hot Mess 🌎

About half the world has internet access. That’s 3.6 billion people surfing the web. How much energy is that using? And what is our online world doing to our planet’s climate? Hey Alexa, how much electricity do you use? “Hmm I’m not sure” No worries, that’s what we’re here for. [OPEN] Hey! I’m Miriam, and […]

Making Clothes Less Terrible for the Planet | Hot Mess 

Clothing is more than just the material we put on our backs – it keeps us warm, makes a statement about our personality and can be a status symbol. Clothing is something we have to think about every day, but we don’t always think about how our clothes impact the planet. From growing or making […]

Why Only 9 Countries Have Nuclear Weapons (feat. It’s OK to be Smart!)

(light music) – Nuclear weapons, they’re a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean movies. There’s way to many of ’em, we certainly don’t need any more, and if you actually think about what goes into making them, they’re pretty scary. I mean come on, Johnny Depp, I mean the first one was cool, but after […]

What Color Is The Moon?

[MUSIC] What color is the moon? I asked you all this question and got some very interesting answers. Silver like aluminum white, like the color of clouds Chalky, like ash silver, kind of like an old coin gray like pavement silver like your mother’s hair milky chalk gray like a used eraser white, like a […]

Why Seasons Make No Sense

[INTRO MUSIC] Every year on February 2nd, the people of Punxsutawney, PA dress up like it’s 1886, pull a groundhog named Phil out of a box and ask him when winter will end. Not surprisingly, meteorologically-inclined marmots are not reliable predictors of spring. [INTRO MUSIC] But why divide the year into seasons in the first […]

How An Igloo Keeps You Warm

[MUSIC] For thousands of years, humans, and plants and animals long before that, have been using frozen “sky water” to keep warm. Which sort of doesn’t make sense. Because snow is cool. You might even say it’s… ice cold. YEEAAHHHHH! No one knows for sure who built the first igloo, but with the right fit […]

Meet the man with a nuclear reactor in his basement

(intense music) – [Automated Voice] Shield lighting off. (hi-hat plays) Roughing pump on. Roughing pump on – Okay, so we’re not in danger right now of a nuclear explosion? (alarm sounds) (electric beeping) Where are we and what is going on here? – Well you’re in the reactor room at Northwest Nuclear Laboratories. – Which […]

What If We Burned ALL the Fossil Fuels? | Hot Mess 🌎

Buried beneath your feet are trillions of tons of dead plants and algae. Over millions of years, their carbon-rich bodies have been compressed under so much heat and pressure that they’ve transformed into energy-rich fossils. In fact, we call them ‘fossil fuels’ since we burn them to release their energy. But burning this coal, oil […]