How to Make Solar Powered Phone Charger under 5$ || Free Energy Charger

Solar Panel From Local Electronics Store Charging Pin With Wires Strpped at Other End

Add wireless charging to any smart phone for 10 dollars – iPhone TOO!

So I found these small wireless charging receivers on Amazon, You can add them to any phone to make it wireless charging capable Obviously it is much much easier to add these modules to a phone with a removable back. like the Note 4, or LGG4, but you can add them to a glued shut […]

Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds

A Weird New Way To Extend Your Phone Battery

If you’re sick of your phone’s battery dying when you need it most, there might be good news around the corner. Scientists are working on a weird new way to make your battery last longer. Hey guys, Amy here on DNews, and if you’re anything like me you use your phone for a lot more […]

FREE ENERGY SOLAR Emergency Mobile Phone Charger -DIY

Hello Guys This is roy Welcome to a brand new video on this channel 6 V Solar panel Digital Multi meter Testing voltage Voltage is near about 6 volt ams .8 miliamps You can use multiple of them to get More amps 5V DC DC Buck convertor Solder those wire and check polarity Micro USB […]

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next

Electronics keep getting smaller, and it’s all thanks to electric switches called transistors. When these little fellas replaced vacuum tubes, computers went from the size of entire rooms to merely the corner of a room. In the 60-odd years since, transistors have kept shrinking, scaling down and powering up our electronics with them. But many […]

Searching For a Better Battery, with Brad Templeton

One of the biggest barriers in making computers faster is how much power they consume. And in fact, one thing that stopped your computer from having a faster clock rate, where it used to be it was another gigahertz every year you double that clock rate, is that that requires a lot of energy. And […]