Solar Self-Consumption: How to Switch Power Supply from Grid to PV Source | Schneider Electric

how do you switch the power supply from the grid to the photovoltaic source? In fact, there is no need to transfer the electricity supply from one source to the other. When solar panels produce electricity, the electrical installation is powered by both the grid, and the photovoltaic system. This is possible because photovoltaic inverters […]

Solar Self-Consumption: Does the PV System Consume Energy at Night? | Schneider Electric

What happens during the night? Does the photovoltaic system consume energy? At night, the photovoltaic system does not produce electricity. Even though photovoltaic inverters are on standby, they consume a little bit of electrical energy. Do they consume a lot? Usually, the night time consumption of photovoltaic inverters is lower than 1 Watt. To know […]

Solar Primer

(light airy music) – The key points on solar? It’s very clean, and it’s very expensive. Capturing the sun’s energy is the most low impact way to make electricity. The fuel is free, and produces zero emissions. Building the facility is fast and simple, and in most cases, the space has already been developed. Solar […]

The p-n junction under forward bias

Let’s take our present knowledge of a P-N junction one step further and see what happens when we apply a voltage to the junction. This is a schematic picture of a P-N junction with electrodes attached to it. With the attachment of electrodes the P-N junction has become an operational device that we call a […]

What are the major types of material PV cells are made of?

PV cells are made of semi-conductors materials and they can be divided generally in different aspects concerning the manufacturing technology, the energy conversion efficiency, as well as the absorbance light efficiency and so we can divide them in two categories, that are: crystalline cells and thin film cells. The more reliable, but less cost effective, […]

Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it in 2020?

I think we live on a beautiful planet. But as we know, there’s a lot of bad stuff happening to the environment here on Planet Earth. Let’s not dwell on the bad stuff. I think we all know by now that it’s not good. I want to do as much as I can to live […]

Microinverter Test Using Agilent SAS Part 2 of 11 — Solar Cell

I have here an individual solar cell. It looks like this and when it gets illuminated it puts out DC voltage, and this one puts out about half a volt to a volt and the short circuit current on it would be probably several amps – two, three, four, five, maybe even six amps – […]