Maximize Your Savings in Encinitas — Save Money by Going Solar!

Semper Solaris Encinitas Residents Save money by going solar Everyone has been raving about the potential savings of solar power, but not all solar power systems are created equal To realize the maximum savings potential, Encinitas residents should choose a company with experience and expertise Semper Solaris When going solar, choosing the correct company for […]

Off-grid Solar Market: Trends, Challenges, Success Stories and Future Outlook, Part 2

>>Hugo: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very happy to welcome you to the second part of the module on the off-grid solar market. In the previous section, we have seen past trends and notable changes. This section is devoted to some of the remarkable success stories the industry has produced, as well as to a […]

Why Launch Solar Panels When You Can Print Them Directly In Space? Printing Perovskite Panels

solar energy is the ideal way to power a spacecraft there’s no weather there’s no pesky atmosphere just pure photons streaming from the Sun to harvest for whatever you need well as long as you’re within the inner solar system but solar panels are complicated and fragile made of sensitive electronics and glass and not […]

Los Alamos Discovers Super Efficient Solar Using Perovskite Crystals

Aditya Mohite: Our group focuses on converting solar energy into electricity. And we’re working on a class of solar cells which are referred to as third generation solar cells. The goal of our project was, how do we take these materials and control their crystalline properties, crystalline size, and get them to a point which […]

Stanford scientists build solar-powered elephant research camp

. Stanford University. We’re here at Mushara Waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia. I’ve been doing elephant research here for twenty years. This year, we’re doing a film on the research, and all of the research and filming, is done by solar energy. Now, one of the really special aspects of, solar energy is it […]

2 – Insert solar panels (Skelion tutorial)

Insert panels The `Insert components´ button opens 3 dialogs depending on the selected objects Let’s start selecting an edge and a face. The edge can be a border or any other edge in the same plane. There are 2 conventions for the azimuth: 180º or 360º. Let’s begin with the following values. We choose a […]

Solar vehicle | Wikipedia audio article

A solar vehicle is an electric vehicle powered completely or significantly by direct solar energy. Usually, photovoltaic (PV) cells contained in solar panels convert the sun’s energy directly into electric energy. The term “solar vehicle” usually implies that solar energy is used to power all or part of a vehicle’s propulsion. Solar power may be […]

[EN] What is Generation kWh?

Driven by the desire to change the current Spanish energy market, a whole generation comes together to deliver a shared and renewable alternative. A generation of people who jointly generate our own kWhs: GENERATION KWH. In response to the withdrawal of subsidies for renewable projects and barriers to self-consumption, we decided to reinvent the way […]

Soldering Sunpower Maxeon Solar Cells

hi I’m Mike Thompson today I’m going to tackle a project that as I’ve never done before I’m going to build a solar panel I’m involved with a little project and I was given these solar panels these are SunPower five-inch Maxion solar cells these things appear to be absolutely amazing so I’m really really […]

Solar-powered color

Solar energy is the only energy source that we can rely on to survive in the future. We would like to maximize the utilization of solar energy so what we have achieved here is colored solar cells you know the red stripes the blue background they are actually working solar cells. You want this material […]