Test Drive : ELECTRIC CONVERTED PORSCHE 911 Targa – Classic car retrofit to electric

Hello, today we have a wonderful gift for you. We don’t have one, but two Porsches converted to electric. We’re here today to introduce you to the electric retrofit of these magnificent classics. We are fortunate to have two Porsches 911 Targa that have been converted to electric. We will give you our driving impressions, […]

” Le solaire comment ça marche? ” Le fonctionnement des panneaux solaires par EDF ENR

Région Nantaise En 1839, le français Antoine Becquerel découvre que la lumière naturelle du soleil peut être transformée en électricité. C’est l’effet photovoltaïque. Les panneaux solaires vont permettre de transformer le rayonnement solaire en électricité. Silicium, un matériau semi-conducteur extrait de la silice contenu dans le sable. Lorsque les photons heurtent la surface des cellules, […]

85 % Less Electricity Costs Thanks to Solar System

We arrived in Oléron barely three years ago. It wasn’t necessarily an intended destination. Chance played a part. We completely fell under the spell of this house. It was love at first sight. It’s an extremely pleasant house to live in all year round, not just during vacation time. An environmentally conscious attitude does not […]

DIY ELECTRIC CONVERSION VW T3 Syncro – Overhaul and improving reliability of our Tesla batteries

And now we will connect the power to be able to drive tonight. Houhou he drives !!! Back for a bit of electricity, because it’s still the goal of this project. It is that Nano our electric van is been powered by the electrical energy stored in our batteries. I am moving the batteries that […]

Systovi : le panneau solaire français intelligent – iTélé

Good morning, l’Hebdo de l’Eco welcomes today a French medium-sized company which is at the forefront of innovation Of solar panels Hello Pascal Janot Hello, you are the managing director of Systovi A small company in the Loire Atlantique You build what we call hybrid solar panels That means that they produce both electricity and […]