What Is Light?

Light, is the connection between us and the universe. Through light, we could experience distant stars and look back at the beginning of existence itself. But, what is light? In a nutshell Light, is the smallest quantity of energy that can be transported A photon, an elementary particle without a real size That can’t be […]

Graphene ‘Wonder Material’ Can Now Be Made Using TRASH

Graphene is cool stuff. The single-atom thick layer of carbon has a number of properties that make it almost endlessly useful. Because of all the neat tricks it can do, it’s popularly dubbed a “wonder material,” but over a decade and a half after it was first isolated, the only thing I’m wondering is: where […]

Ciência em Si – O mensageiro de fora do Sistema Solar!

Do we already know all the mysteries of the universe? The answer is a clear no. Well, in this walk of knowledge, just imagine when we receive the first asteroid from outside our solar system. Imagine how crazy that would be, huh? And this was the case with Oumuamua, which is our topic today. I’m […]

HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour – United Launch Alliance) – Smarter Every Day 231

Five… Four…. Three… Two… One… Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day I love rockets If you’ve been around this channel, you know that about me and today is like the best day ever because we’re going to learn how to build rockets. Just down the road from Huntsville, Alabama there’s a […]

‘Ghost Particles’ Erupting from Antarctica Could Shatter Standard Physics

You may think scientists stationed in Antarctica are just playing with penguins or studying leopard seals. But some of them are down there to fly balloons or watch ice cubes. Special balloons and special ice cubes. Like the balloon-based experiment ANITA, which has seen things we thought weren’t possible, and could show us that our […]

This Massive Black Hole Is Blasting a Jet at 99% the Speed of Light

In April of 2019, astronomers revealed they had successfully taken the first picture ever of a black hole. Well, you know, the black hole’s silhouette at least, since it’s impossible to take a photo of a black hole itself without crossing the event horizon and getting spaghetti-fied. Now, astronomers have announced that the same black […]

Working of an Electric Motor | Physics

Hello students, here in this video, we are going to learn about Electric Motor. going to learn about electric motor. Electric motor is nothing but it’s a Electric motor is nothing but it’s a device, which is used to convert, device, which is used to convert, electrical energy electrical energy into mechanical energy. So, in […]

Electric Motor Art (A STEAM Project)

Hello I am Jared, welcome to Fun Science Demos. You know there is a lot of cool and inexpensive science gadgets that you can find online and our friends at Educational Innovations sent us one such gadget and today we are going to take a closer look at their science kit they sent us called […]