Alan Stern: “What If We Return to Pluto?”

– Hello, good evening. It’s great to see everybody here. It’s a delight for me to introduce tonight’s Ideas Festival speaker to you. I’m Steven Collicott, I’m a Professor in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics in the College of Engineering here at Purdue. And I am also the Associate Head for Engagement in the […]

Why There Is Light on Earth But Not in Space

If you’re not a morning person, then you’d probably love living on the moon or out in space! The whole “lack of oxygen” thing aside, a ‘round-the-clock night sky sounds pretty tempting! But that got me wondering… – Why is there so much light on Earth, but almost none once you leave our planet? You […]

Solar System/Solar System Song/Planet Song/Dwarf Planets Song

There are eight planets in our solar system There are eight planets in our solar system CERES: Wait wait wait wait, you guys had your chance in the spotlight! It’s time to talk about the dwarf planets in our solar system! Hit it, guys There are five dwarf planets in our solar system and we […]

NASA’s WFIRST Space Telescope Will Offer an Unprecedented Look at the Universe

You may have heard that it’s not smart to look directly at the Sun, and that’s for good reason—it’s pretty bad for you. But it turns out that stars can be problematic in a similar way when we’re looking out into space: their glare can stop us from seeing the stuff we want to see. […]

8 Planets That Can Sustain Human Life

It turns out that there are many planets that could potentially sustain life. Unfortunately, they’re all an incredibly far distance away from Earth. , stay tuned for the the 8 planets that can sustain human life ! 8. KOI 7711.01 In total, there are 4,496 planets that the Kepler space telescope has predicted exist, with […]

NASA’s Exoplanet Hunter Is Getting Us One Step Closer To Another Earth, Here’s How

The results are in, my friends:  NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has identified over 850 candidate exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system, some of which have the potential to support life. TESS, that hardworking gal, has been on this exoplanet-hunting mission for over a year. And not only has this satellite exceeded the wildest dreams […]

UFO crash hits wind turbine

In this part of Lincolnshire, the skyline is dotted with huge wind turbines, but today one of them isn’t turning. People who live nearby say that it was hit by a UFO. Residents remember being woken in the early hours of Sunday morning by a huge crash, and when the sun came up, one of […]

An Interstellar Mission Found Something Unexpected at Our Solar System’s Edge

Every 176 years, the four planets in our outer solar system present us with a rare opportunity. They’ll align in such a unique way, that it’s possible to use their gravitational forces to slingshot from one planet to the next. A PhD student figured this out back in 1965 during his summer job at the […]