BMW i3 Electric Cars – PRODUCTION

The Journey of Electrical Energy

Who of us hasn’t left the TV on, even though we are not watching? Who hasn’t left the lights on, even though we are not in the room? Nowadays, electric power is regarded as a common commodity. Just as the sun rises every day, we believe that electricity simply is there. Electricity appears to be […]

[HINDI] How Electricity is Generated | Types of Power Generation

Music Does Electricity gets generated from poles, grids or transformers? If you think so, then you are wrong. Today one cannot imagine life without electricity. Home appliances such as light, fan, Air conditioner (A.C), fridge or any appliance that runs on electricity including industrial machineries are totally incomplete without electricity. So come, let us see […]

What’s inside The Hoover Dam?

Onagawa power plant given green light by Japan’s nuclear watchdog to restart reactor

Japan’s Onagawa nuclear power plant,… which was damaged along with Fukushima in the massive 2011 earthquake and tsunami,… has been given the green light by Japanese regulators to restart its reactor. Lee Seung-jae reports. It’s been more than eight years since an enormous magnitude-9-point-oh earthquake and tsunami sparked the Fukushima nuclear disaster. However, all these […]

Seoul calls on Japan to disclose current status of water contamination

South Korea China and Japan met at the tripartite environment ministers meeting in Qatar Kyushu Japan over the weekend where Seoul called on Tokyo to disclose the current status of the contaminated water caused by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster South Korea’s Environment Minister Jo Myung BAE sat down Sunday with his Japanese counterpart […]

Investigations into nuclear reactor hacking in full swing 원전 문건 유출 수사… 악성코드

And here in South Korea, Investigations into the recent cyber attack on Korea′s state-run nuclear power plant operator are in full swing. Findings so far show… the suspected hacker sent emails… with hundreds of malicious codes… to nuclear plant workers. The IP addresses of the emails are based in Shenyang, China,… raising suspicions that North […]

Korean researchers to apply optical fiber laser technology to decommissioning nuclear power plants

now just like the light beam swords or lightsabers we see in science fiction movies researchers here in South Korea have found a way to cut through thick metals using lasers however unlike the movies the technology will be put to rather more mundane use shall we say helping in the dismantlement of nuclear power […]

Scientists Accidentally Discovered Quark Fusion, Could It Be the Future of Energy?

What’s ten times stronger than nuclear fusion!!? QUARK FUSION!! The particles that make up the neutrons and protons inside of atoms are known as quarks. And researchers found that when quarks bind together, energy is produced. Scientists have already been smashing together particles at the Large Hadron Collider but that’s been with hydrogen atoms, not […]