Xcel Sets Hydro Power Record

Xcel Energy is celebrating a record-setting year when it comes to a renewable energy source. The company generated nearly 1-point-2 million megawatt-hours of electicity with its hydro plants across Wisconsin in 20-16 . its highest amount in 20 years. Xcel says that’s enough energy to power 137-thousand homes continuously for a year. They attribute the […]

What If The Sun Disappeared?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Gravity is a property of matter, anything with mass. This includes the Moon, Earth, Jupiter, the Sun, and even you – your body. In fact, if you kinda like somebody, have them stand 3/4 of a millimeter away from you. At that distance, cumulatively, every atom in your body and every […]

Ohio’s Environment Depends on Nuclear Energy | Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance

– If I were to speak to somebody about helping us keep the nuclear plants in Ohio running, the first thing I would talk about is the environmental side of it. It’s clean energy, we’re not polluting the air as we go. It’s zero emission energy. – One of the biggest misconception is that the […]

Are U.S. Nuclear Plants Ready for a Fukushima-Like Meltdown?

bjbj”9″9 JEFFREY BROWN: In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, how should government regulators here set the safety bar for nuclear power plants in the U.S.? This week, the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced his resignation, and news reports suggest that battles within the commission over safety requirements may partially account for […]

Lingering Problems At Fukushima Raise Questions About Nuclear Power Safety At Home

JESSICA DESVARIEUX: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore. It’s been nearly three years since a massive earthquake hit Japan on March 11, triggering a tsunami, which led to one of the worst nuclear disasters of all time. On Monday, the Japanese government also announced that it will allow some residents […]

The Amazon Rainforest Doesn’t Produce 20% of Our Oxygen, Here’s Why

You may have seen images like this all over social media. The Amazon rainforest is burning, and these images have, understandably, caused international alarm, with media outlets, NGO’s and politicians all weighing in on the conversation about the value of one of the most unique and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Amidst all the discussion, […]

Run Off River (ROR) Pump | Mechanical Engineering (Hydropower) Project | Kathmandu University

We are elaborating about our project “ROR Pump” These blades of the turbine are places with inlet angle 30 degree… …and outlet angle 90 degree. The water strikes here… …and goes to this direction, thus makes the turbine to rotate in this direction. Here we have used two bearing casing. The shaft is of 25 […]

Catherine Hausman: The changing economics of nuclear power

The economics of the nuclear power industry really are changing and what I hear industry and government analysts asking is: Are the plants even profitable enough to stay open? In the past the answer would have been a resounding yes. The cost of operating these plants is so much lower than operating coal or natural […]