Make a Tritium Nuclear Battery or Radioisotope Photovoltaic Generator

Warning: Tritium is radioactive but safe to handle as long as it is contained within its vials. Work carefully to avoid breaking the vials. If they do break, leave the area and ventilate it for a few hours to disperse the gas. Greetings fellow nerds. In this video we’re going to make a very simple […]

A Nuclear-Powered Space Mission | Mission Saturn

NARRATOR: Way out into space, the sun’s energy-giving rays grow weaker. Solar panels would be little use to Cassini passing distant planets. It needs a far longer lasting source of power. The radioactive power of plutonium-238 In Idaho Falls, behind high level security, the United States Department of Energy harnesses this prized source. The Cassini […]

What Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?

There are numerous military conflicts, border disputes and all out wars happening right now. With all of these international conflicts comes the question of escalation. How far will they go? Could any one of these conflicts escalate enough to cause a nuclear war? To answer that we first have to look at which countries actually […]


Narrator: The B Reactor had three redundant safety systems to ensure it could be shutdown in case of an emergency. In contrast, the first small reactor built in Chicago had only one means of control, which was rather simple – SCRAM it! Bob Egge: Basically there was one guy who had the control rod. His […]

Fox News Mislabels Japanese Nightclub as Nuclear Power Plant

In the meantime, to stick with this but to show you the absurdity of some of the reporting we’re getting, instead of talking about Republicans wanting to relax safety regulations on nuclear power, Fox decides to do something else. They decide to put up an image of different nuclear plants in Japan. And we have […]

What Does Nuclear Fallout Do To Your Body?

Fallout is everywhere, NO not the game. Or the Boy. Or… NO. Just the nuclear kind! Seven blessings friends, Trace here for DNews. Nuclear fallout is an inevitable side-effect of nuclear disaster. When a nuclear weapon is detonated (or a nuclear power plant has its worst day ever) radioactive dust is thrown into the atmosphere […]

The Area: A Journey through the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

My name is Cameron and I am a new employee at the Hanford Site for the Department of Energy. I recently graduated college from Utah State University. I’ve got a videographer along with me to go through a ride of discovery and understanding what Hanford is through several different perspectives. Do you have any childhood […]

The Promise of Nuclear Energy

Narrator: Author Richard Rhodes explains the ramifications of harnessing the energy of the atom. Richard Rhodes: The discovery of how to release the energy locked up in the nuclei of atoms was a discovery as momentous as the discovery of fire. That’s a big statement, but I think it’s valid. Nuclear energy was the first […]

Motherboard TV: The Thorium Dream (Documentary)

let’s travel into the future what will we see I could sit there all day you could sit there for a month and postulate it at what the effects of the world switching over to thorium energy would have been its almost unfathomable I think it’s always been the right time for thorium I think […]

Loading the Reactor

Bob Egge: So we got an empty reactor, we got 2,004 process tubes, we got all the water we need. We got everything set up on the front end. We have got the verticals, the horizontals, we got the tubes, we got the backside. So we need to be able to charge this. Inside the […]