Adam’s Finger Accident – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/31/20

this week’s episode of still untitled is made possible with support from Microsoft Surface introducing the new Microsoft Surface laptop 3 with its beautiful touch screen you’ll experience stunning graphics with razor-sharp resolution now available with 13 and 1/2 or 15 inch screen and with the latest processors there’s no project the surface laptop can’t […]

What’s Your Biggest Sex Tape Mishap?

I write with my left hand. I destroy with my right. Are you lefthanded? I write lefthanded. It’s the only thing I do lefthanded. That’s bizarre. Yeah. You throw right-handed? Yeah. That’s so weird. Really? What do you jack? Right. Can you do left, though? Yeah. Do you hold it like a pencil, though? Nah, […]

Maas&Staple Podcast | Season 1 Episode 4 : COVID 19, Climate Change and more!

holy guys and welcome back to our podcast we’ve got Steve Sabol here yeah hello and we’ve got Michael Mars also know him as Mars yeah I’m here back in the hood with the voice that I yes sorry today we’ve got we go there’s been a Nobel Prize nominee just recently that’s been the […]

Cancer Mid-February-March 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi cancer its Sloane Rhodes here with your spiritual guidance for mid-february flowing gently into early March a quick peek quick bit of guidance here answer assignment and rising just remind you that if you haven’t seen them I did release the life purpose career & money readings for each sign and every Sunday I […]

Buckethead fans talk about Buckethead IV

Good evening everybody, today we’re back with the fourth installment of our fans talk about Buckethead series, so let’s begin. Woo!! How/When did you first hear of Buckethead? I honestly have no idea when I first heard of Buckethead, I definitely remember seeing him doing the Guns N Roses stuff on TV when I was […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Brandon and the Electric Fence

Brandon:Burnie tried to murder me in New Zealand. Burnie:So, guys, I am going to tell you the story of Brandon… and the electric fence. [Laughter] Burnie: As you know, New Zealand has a reputation for having these, like, rolling green hills that are gorgeous. So we were looking over this huge valley, just across this […]

Could Earth Be Moved to a New Solar System? – Offworld Episode 32

welcome back to offer old the show where we talk about all things space exploration and pop culture I’m Ariel Waldman and I’m norm Chan and the movie were only talking about this week well was released this year – not great fanfare at least in the United States it was absolutely huge in China […]

Ten Years of Slate Life – This is Only a Test 536 – 1/30/20

for Thursday January 31st 30 I know it is its 30th 2020 welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com hello and welcome to the podcast this week I’m norm we’re getting right to it Jeremy’s here hi Norman and cos Shores here hello how are you both feeling a […]

Electric Chair, Live Wires, & More SHOCKING ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked

– Now I’ve done my homework on each and every one of you. There’s one thing that you all have in common. You all are afraid of one thing. Electrocution. – What, hold up? – Oh my gosh. – Hold up. – Yeah. It’s, oh this next challenge is going to shock you, literally. Starting […]

How a small town in Finland leads the world on climate change – BBC World Service, The Documentary

This is my team who works for the climate change mitigation. We do it every Thursday. We jump in the freezing river… and then we feel so good. It feels so good because it makes you feel alive. Nothing else makes you feel this good you’re part of nature, you have all the power in […]