Moreland Council’s Solar Panel Bulk Buy – Martin

I’m Martin, we’re here at my house in Coburg North We’ve got solar panels here, we’ve had them for about 6 months now through the Positive Charge program with Moreland Council. We’d been thinking about solar panels for a while but the difficulty is trying to select a supplier that you can trust so having […]

Electric Charge and Electric Fields

Professor Dave again, let’s discuss electric fields. We live in an age where we take electricity for granted. Just plug into the wall and you can power any device you want. But what’s in there? What is electricity made of? The discovery of a variety of phenomena over several centuries eventually led to our mastery […]

How Do Eels Make Electricity?

Electric eels have fascinated scientists and the public for hundreds of years. Even Charles Darwin was puzzled by them. What is the shocking secret behind an electric eel’s weapon? Hey guys Julia here for DNews Electric eels are some of the most shocking…. okay sorry had to do that once… organisms on this planet. They […]

How to squeeze electricity out of crystals – Ashwini Bharathula

This is a crystal of sugar. If you press on it, it will actually generate its own electricity. How can this simple crystal act like a tiny power source? Because sugar is piezoelectric. Piezoelectric materials turn mechanical stress, like pressure, sound waves, and other vibrations into electricity and vice versa. This odd phenomenon was first […]

How Big Is a Proton Anyway? This Decade-Long Debate May Have Just Been Solved

The subatomic realm can be a confusing place, but you would think that we’ve studied atoms long enough to at least understand their most basic properties. Things like how big a proton is. And based on several experiments, scientists had thought they had a pretty good handle on it too. Until an ingenious 2010 experiment […]

Moreland Council’s Solar Panel Bulk-Buy – Lara and Eddie

I’m Eddie And I’m Lara This is Lara Lara: Well we wanted to build up a sustainable lifestyle as much as possible so we made the decision first to get solar hot water and we obviously worked on making the garden as sustainable as possible Solar energy seemed like the next logical step. Eddie: We […]