Day 69: Electricity From Air

Hey guys! And welcome to Goodness! Today’s Goodness is about a generator that produces electricity from air! Or more accurately, fluctuations of temperature in the air! Researchers from MIT have created a thermal resonator that harnesses the movement of energy and particles when temperatures change which means they can create electricity just by putting the […]

Moreland Council’s Solar Panel Bulk Buy – Martin

I’m Martin, we’re here at my house in Coburg North We’ve got solar panels here, we’ve had them for about 6 months now through the Positive Charge program with Moreland Council. We’d been thinking about solar panels for a while but the difficulty is trying to select a supplier that you can trust so having […]

What Is Static Electricity? | Physics in Motion

♪♪ When you hear “static electricity,” you’re probably thinking of sliding across a rug in your socks and getting a shock when you touch metal. Or clothes that stick together in a dryer. Static electricity is the accumulation of electric charge on the surface of, or within, a material. The shock happens when the extra […]

The science of static electricity – Anuradha Bhagwat

It can strike without warning, at any moment. You may be walking across a soft carpet and reaching for the door knob when suddenly…zap! To understand static electricity, we first need to know a bit about the nature of matter. All matter is made up of atoms that consist of three types of smaller particles: […]

This ‘two-faced’ membrane can create electricity—from nothing but salty water

Nature loves balance. Ever sprinkle salt on a piece of eggplant? Over time, the eggplant starts to sweat out water. This happens because there is a different ratio of salt to water on the surface versus inside the eggplant, so water seeps out onto the surface to try and equalize how salty the water is […]

Complete Chakra Cleanse & Reset | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa Lukosiute, welcome to your meditation. I am pleased you have joined me today for this chakra healing meditation. Chakras are spiritual centers in our bodies that energy flows through. Imagine them as a wheel or vortex. It is important that we keep our chakras open and clear to allow the energy to […]

‘We are changing the world’ – the fracking village that’s going solar

[Soft guitar music] Balcombe is a small village in West Sussex That thrives on the strength of its community. But in 2013, fracking firm Cuadrilla came to drill for oil. It didn’t go well. [Protestors chanting] Shame on you! Gillian: Oh that was horrendous. That was so traumatic, I can’t tell you. Joe: it felt […]