Rooftop Solar – A Perfect Retirement Investment!

I am Pankaj Rajpal and now I am retired.The idea of solar energy came to me about 4-5 years back. The main purpose why I was looking at solar energy at that time was because I knew we are approaching retirement age and being a private sector employee, we don’t have the benefits of pension […]

Megavati za budućnost / Megawatts for future

New power and another 30 to 40 years of life operation for Hydro Power Plant Zvornik will be provided by revitalization project started in 2015. Numerous national and international companies take part in realization of this project and Elnos Group is leading the national contractors. Elnos Group is the Main Subcontractor of Austrian company Voith, […]

The $50 Water Turbine – DIY, Portable, Powerful, and Open Source

My name is Daniel Connell. The last 10 years I’ve been developing low-tech alternative infrastructure, basically things people can make themselves from recycled readily available materials which takes care of their basic human needs. this is mostly to do with energy, water and sanitation, food, that sort of thing. I’m at a place called Valldaura […]

Power to the People: Renew Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is the sunniest place in Canada. We also have incredible opportunities in wind, in biomass, and geothermal power. And I hear it everywhere I go. North and south, urban and rural. Saskatchewan people are ready to make the move to renewable energy, which makes the recent Sask Party cut to solar programs all the […]

Parliament addresses safety of nuclear power plants

Lawmakers at the National Assembly fired questions at officials in charge of the nation’s nuclear power plants… amid growing concerns about safety after the two earthquakes that hit the country in recent days. Lawmakers on Thursday urged the officials to undertake stronger earthquake safety measures,… such as raising the sea wall at nuclear power plants, […]

North Korea’s electricity shortage appears to be lessening despite UN sanctions

Staying with North Korea,… the reclusive state has been suffering from a chronic shortage of electricity for years,… with many parts of the country… seeing power outages on a regular basis. But according to new reports,… the power situation in the North is actually *improving… despite a slew of new economic sanctions on the regime. […]

How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?

In the past, power generating plants were only able to serve their local areas. Electricity didn’t have far to travel between where it was created and where it was used. Since then, things have changed, and most of us get our electricity from the grid, huge interconnected areas of power producers and users. As power […]

iSEE Congress 2016 — Session 5: Nuclear Energy: A Panacea for Future Energy Needs?

>>It is my pleasure to introduce our four distinguished speakers this morning. We have first Hans Gougar. He is, as you can see, the Director of Advanced Reactor Technologies Development at Idaho National Labs. After that, we have Rizwan Uddin who we’ve already seen. And I am personally grateful that he is now the Director […]