Supplying a Hydropower Workhorse

[music] Fred Jordan On Phone: Hey Dan, Fred Jordan here returning your call. Fred Jordan: Our mission here at Reclamation is to get the part or the service at the right price at the right time. I consider myself a project/contract specialist/purchasing/overall salesman in order to get it all done. And you have to take […]

Laser Cutting plastic welding Prototyping Product Design: Mobile Solar Charger power bank Part 4

my name’s Eric Strebel I’m an industrial designer welcome to my channel about product design I hope that you like enjoy and become a subscriber in episode 4 of the design prototype series we’re gonna take a look at how some of the components are assembled laser-cut and fabricated let’s get into it the soil […]

Discover Hanwha Solar Energy Leadership for Our Sustainable Planet

The Sun powers everything that grows on earth… clean, safe, and infinite. A source of energy we can trust to power our world with no harm to our planet. At Hanwha we see the Sun as our energy of tomorrow for generations to come. For more than six decades Hanwha has kept pace with the […]