Fun and Cost-Effective Home Installations – Designing Spaces

Today, we’ll show you how to turn your backyard into a vacation oasis 365 days a year. Ever consider installing solar power in your home? It’s a great way to go green, and it’s sure to cut down on those costly utility bills. We will also introduce you to a fast and affordable do-it-yourself remodeling […]

Solar Power

CROWD: “Three-two-one solar power! (SHORT APPLAUSE) BILL BESSETTE/REPORTING: “The future’s so bright at Madison College…” CROWD: “Wooo!” BILL: “You gotta wear shades.” STEVEN ANSORGE/MADISON COLLEGE STUDENT SENATE PRESIDENT: “This college is providing the educational environment needed to build a better future.” BILL: “Madison College’s rooftop solar installation – the largest in Wisconsin – not only […]