What Is Electricity? | 1945 | Educational Film

Electricity is one of our most faithful servants it gives us light It starts our cars has unlimited aviation circle lobe with entertainment it cooks, and refrigerates our food these represent few of the innumerable applications of electricity electricity at work but what is electricity and where does it come from to answer these questions […]

The science of static electricity – Anuradha Bhagwat

It can strike without warning, at any moment. You may be walking across a soft carpet and reaching for the door knob when suddenly…zap! To understand static electricity, we first need to know a bit about the nature of matter. All matter is made up of atoms that consist of three types of smaller particles: […]

How Big Is a Proton Anyway? This Decade-Long Debate May Have Just Been Solved

The subatomic realm can be a confusing place, but you would think that we’ve studied atoms long enough to at least understand their most basic properties. Things like how big a proton is. And based on several experiments, scientists had thought they had a pretty good handle on it too. Until an ingenious 2010 experiment […]

Why the Weak Nuclear Force Ruins Everything

[♪ INTRO] The weak nuclear force gets short shrift among the four fundamental forces of nature. People wax on about the marvels of gravity that holds entire worlds together. They’ll detail electromagnetism, which lets us see and keeps us from falling through the floor. They’ll even praise the strong nuclear force that fights to keep […]

Nuclear Fusion Explained

Hey Crazies. In our last video about light, we talked a little bit about fusion and I said this: Every four protons comes together to make one helium nucleus but four protons has more mass than one helium nucleus. Then people started asking questions in the comments and I was like: Why don’t we just […]

Why Did Fukushima Explode?

Good morning, John. Suddenly, along with the disaster in Japan, it has become kind of necessary to understand a little bit about how nuclear reactors work. And so I hope that you will excuse me postponing my Thoughts from Haiti and instead giving in direction as to how nuclear reactors work and how that pertains […]

How do nuclear power plants work? – M. V. Ramana and Sajan Saini

On a December afternoon in Chicago during the middle of World War II, scientists cracked open the nucleus at the center of the uranium atom and turned nuclear mass into energy over and over again. They did this by creating for the first time a chain reaction inside a new engineering marvel: the nuclear reactor. […]

Where does gold come from? – David Lunney

In medieval times, alchemists tried to achieve the seemingly impossible. They wanted to transform lowly lead into gleaming gold. History portrays these people as aged eccentrics, but if only they’d known that their dreams were actually achievable. Indeed, today we can manufacture gold on Earth thanks to modern inventions that those medieval alchemists missed by […]