DMC’s New Electric Delorean — /TUNED

MATT FARAH: Ah, the DeLorean. The car that made me love cars. From its stainless steel construction, Bugaro styling, and role in one of my favorite movie franchises of all time, what’s not to love? Well, there is something not to love, actually. And that’s the engine. Because although it does work, it is boring. […]

Computer Animation of the Shaft Power Plant: a new concept for ecological hydropower

Peter Rutschmann and Albert Sepp of TUM have developed a new type of hydroelectric power plant. It is structrually compact, relatively cost efficient and environmentally friendly. A pilot plant will now be built in Bavaria. Standardized robust components are suitable for mass production which could reduce power plant costs in the future. The turbine and […]

Hidroelectricidad Moderna 2016 Modern Hydro Power

HIDRO – ENERGY IN PVC TUBE NETWORK SINCE JULY OF 2015 I discovered something BIG in my personality A new hability That hability’s called …….. INNOVATE Innovating might sound hard…… ….but never impossible …::: THE INNOVATION BEGINS :::… ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES I investigated 3 principal energy types WIND ENERGY SOLAR ENERGY HIDROELECTRIC POWER Lets take the […]

Washington Clean Energy Testbeds

You know all the silver lines? This is the tool that is used to do that. It is not uncommon at all in the engineering process of turning an idea into something that is authentically validated as a valuable product of making it a manufacturable product having enough of them that customers can put their […]