Bill Weld: The Future of the American Presidency

(audience conversing in background) – Good afternoon, and welcome to the Rockefeller Center for our conversation with Governor Bill Weld, Governor and Presidential Candidate. We’re going to have a conversation for about 25 minutes, or a half an hour, after which we will take your questions. The way we’re going to do that, is that […]

Funding Conservation in North Carolina

– This is Duke University. – Good afternoon, everybody. Thank you all for coming. It’s a pleasure to see you here on a beautiful day here in Durham. I’m sure it’s beautiful in Chapel Hill too but. (audience laughs) But in any event, thanks for coming inside for this event. We are honored today to […]

This professor changed the electricity industry forever.

[Narrator]: This professor has changed the way we buy and sell electricity. In 1992, the US Congress passed legislation that made the electricity sector more competitive. This marked a major shift in how the industry was operating. So Bill Hogan, a professor at Harvard Kennedy School created the Harvard Electricity Policy Group, or HEPG. HEPG […]

The Continued Rise of Renewable Energy

With increasing global demand in renewable energy, where are the best opportunities for companies going forward? I’m Peter Wilson, and I’m joined today by John McCann. John is a managing director in the Global Power and Utilities Group at Barclays Investment Bank and has over 15 years of power experience in investment banking and consulting. […]