The Quantum Technology in Your Pocket

You use Quantum Physics every single day as you go about your life Something you Probably Don’t realize Because When People Talk about Quantum Physics Including Me We tend to emphasize More Crazy Aspects Of it like Particles That Can Be Separated by the Size of the Universe and Still communicate With each other Instantaneously […]

How does electricity flow through small objects?

When we think of electricity flowing through conductive material we might picture it like water flowing through a pipe. Here water consists of many particles and the larger the pipe the more the particles can flow and the more pathways they can take on their journey from one end to the other. But, if we […]

The World’s First Photo of Quantum Entanglement Could Disprove Einstein’s Theory

Albert Einstein was, there’s no other word for it, a genius. The man conceived of special and general relativity, theories that have been breaking brains since the early 1900s. But when it came to the idea that two particles can be entangled, and an effect on one could be instantaneously felt by the other even […]

What is a Black Hole? – Stephen Hawking’s final theory

We want to thank Google’s science journal app for supporting PBS Digital Studios black holes they’re weird In a recent paper about them seems to me to be the strangest one yet black holes might be covered in hair I’m Diana you’re watching physics girl It’s been a while since I made a YouTube video […]

What If The Sun Disappeared?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Gravity is a property of matter, anything with mass. This includes the Moon, Earth, Jupiter, the Sun, and even you – your body. In fact, if you kinda like somebody, have them stand 3/4 of a millimeter away from you. At that distance, cumulatively, every atom in your body and every […]

Make Quantum Dots (Cadmium Selenide Type)

This experiment uses toxic and carcinogenic reagents and directly handles extremely hot liquids. Gloves, protective clothing and a fume hood should be used. This should be performed by, or under the direct supervision of, an experienced chemist. Greetings fellow nerds. In this video we’re going to make cadmium selenide quantum dots, a type of nanoparticle […]

Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (Full Presentation)

My name is Professor Michio Kaku.  I’m a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and I specialize in something called string theory.  I’m a physicist. Some people ask me the question, “What has physics done for me lately?  I mean, do I get better color television, do I get better […]

Quantum Theory – Full Documentary HD

Lying just beneath everyday reality is a breathtaking world where much of what we perceive about the universe Is wrong? Physicist and best-selling author Brian Greene takes you on a journey that bends the rules of human experience Why don’t we ever see events unfold in reverse orders according to the laws of physics? this […]

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next

Electronics keep getting smaller, and it’s all thanks to electric switches called transistors. When these little fellas replaced vacuum tubes, computers went from the size of entire rooms to merely the corner of a room. In the 60-odd years since, transistors have kept shrinking, scaling down and powering up our electronics with them. But many […]