0-100 km/h in 2.15 seconds! Crazy-Quick Electric Race Car From Team Delft

Delft is a small town in the Netherlands between the Hague and Rotterdam. We’re a team based in Delft that every year builds a formula-style race car for the Formula Student competition. This year, we are again designing a Formula Student car, which means building a small, open-wheeled, open-cockpit car that can go incredibly fast. […]

Could Electric Cars Have A Manual Transmission?

Hello everyone and welcome! In this video we’re going to be talking about whether or not future electric vehicles could be using traditional manual transmissions. Now this is the second video of a five part series where i’ve partnered with Formula E to answer questions about electric cars and this topic was actually inspired by […]

What Makes an Electric Car’s Torque So Special? Tech Tuesdays

The electric motors in a Formula E car deliver maximum torque almost instantly as the driver hits the throttle pedal, but how do they get all that torque to the rear wheels of the car? There are a number of different solutions in modern Formula E, but they all work on similar principles: the electric […]

Formula E’s new electric racecar is groundbreaking

– I’ve done some pretty crazy things while working for The Verge. I nearly blacked out in a Red Bull Air Race plane once. I had Mario Andretti drive me around Indianapolis Motor Speedway in an IndyCar. But today I’m about to do something that’s probably more exciting, and honestly more terrifying than any of […]

Electric Drag Race Car from the University of Pennsylvania

Hey my name is William from Penn Electric Racing; we are a group of about 40 students that build electric vehicles. This is our first battery electric car, it’s an electric drag racer, it started in 2006 and we will be finishing it up this year. When the signal comes through from the accelerator it […]

Mission RS: The Electric Superbike of the Future

Why Do Electric Cars Only Have 1 Gear?

Hello everyone, and welcome. In this video we will be answering the question why do electric cars only have one gear. This will be the first of a five-part series brought to you by Formula E, who I’ve partnered with to talk about the engineering behind electric cars. I had the opportunity to get behind […]

Can You Tune Electric Cars For More Power?

Hello everyone and welcome! In this video we’ll be discussing the question “Is it possible to tune an electric car for more power? In a similar manner to how you can tune an internal combustion engine for more power.” This is the third of a five part series where i’ve partnered with Formula E to […]

The World’s Quickest and Fastest Electric Drag Car – Don Garlits & Holley EVI

We went to Hurst, we took the car completely apart, I say we, my wife and I, that’s all there was, there wasn’t even a helper. Took it completely apart, laid it out on the ground, they photographed it, it was a famous picture, me by all of the parts, put it back together, and […]

World’s biggest solar car race underway in Australia

3000km from Darwin to Adelaide, with no source of power but the sun. That’s the challenge facing over 40 teams taking part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The event got underway on Sunday and is currently being led by Team Twente from the Netherlands in their car “Red One”. The race was first held […]