The Consequences of Technological Deflation (w/ Jeff Booth)

MAX WIETHE: Do you think the social consequences of that printing could come to fruition and slow down this deflationary cycle because of the social problems that will come to roost first? JEFF BOOTH: If you look at the newspapers today, if you look at most of what is in the news today, it’s the […]

The Fed’s Losing Battle with Deflation (w/ Jeff Booth)

MAX WIETHE: I’m sitting down with Jeff Booth, author of the Price of Tomorrow and also an entrepreneur, thank you for coming in all the way from Vancouver, Jeff. JEFF BOOTH: Thanks. Thanks for having me, Max. MAX WIETHE: It’s our pleasure. Well, before we get into a little bit about your background to help […]

The Good and the Ugly Effects of Globalization | A World on the Brink

Dee Smith: Over the last 30 years, globalization has connected our world in ways we could never have imagined. It’s brought about an incredible increase in the movement of information, goods, money, people, and perhaps most important, labor. Globalization has fueled the economic growth of our entire planet and brought nearly a billion people out […]

Why the Trends of Income Inequality & Redistribution of Wealth Could Reverse (w/ Trevor Noren)

TREVOR NOREN: My name is Trevor Noren. I’m the Managing Director at 13D Global Research and Strategy. I cover disruptive innovation and contribute weekly to our flagship publication, What I Learned this Week. Yeah, at 13D, our focus is not just providing our clients with actionable investment advice, but also providing the predictive frameworks that […]

What Fuels Oil and Gas Prices? (w/ Diego Parrilla)

DIEGO PARRILLA: My name is Diego Parrilla, I’m a mining and petroleum engineer from Spain. I did my masters in Mineral Economics in the Colorado School of Mines and the French Institute of Petroleum in Paris. I spent pretty much half of my career on the investment banking side with some of the leading global […]

What Mass Media Gets Wrong About Cryptocurrency: Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin (w/ Ash Benington)

Ash Bennington: Over the last few years, the only thing more impressive than the skyrocketing surge in cryptocurrency prices is the media attention they’ve attracted. But what if in this tsunami of media coverage of digital currencies, we’re missing the big story? What if the real revolution isn’t the shortterm surge in the valuation of […]

🔴 Will Sunrun Keep Shining? (w/ Fahad Khalid)

JAKE MERL: Welcome to Trade Ideas. I’m Jake Merl, sitting down with Fahad Khalid, Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Analytics. Great to have you back on the show. FAHAD KHALID: Thank you for having me. JAKE MERL: So, what are we looking at today? What’s your trade idea? FAHAD KHALID: So, we wanted to bring […]

Solar: Outshining the Market (w/ Patrick Dunuwila) | Trade Ideas

JAKE MERL: Welcome to Trade Ideas. I’m Jake Merl, sitting down with Patrick Dunuwila of The Chart Report. Patrick, great to have you back on the show. PATRICK DUNUWILA: Thanks for having me. JAKE MERL: So, what are you looking at in the markets right now? Are you currently bullish or bearish? Because I remember […]

Why Tesla Actually Matters (w/ AK)

AK: Recently on Real Vision, we’ve been referring to a specific company as everyone’s favorite topic. We’ve had bulls, bears, and bystanders alike all give their opinion on this hotly debated stock, Tesla. As Tyrion said in the terrible series finale of Game of Thrones, there is nothing in the world more powerful than a […]