Live Solar Review; Long Island & Queens Panel Install

My name is Corwin Kong. There are a variety of reasons why I decided to go solar. From an investment purpose it’s a great alternative investment; it increases my property value; it also helps me become energy independent; reduces my electric bills. It’s also great for the environment, and I think about that as a […]

A&R Solar: Why We Founded This Company

Hi, my name is Andy. My name is Reeves. We are the founders of A&R Solar. Why we started A&R is a pretty big question. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want to move toward. It’s easier to know what you want to move away from. For me, that was a lot of bad […]

Profs. Nir Tessler, Efrat Lifshitz – Photovoltaic Cells Solar Energy

our collaboration with a professor of our cliff sitting from the chemistry department is concerned with extending the coverage of the solar cells where normal solar cell would be really mainly active in the visible a little bit beyond that we can extend it to really the near-infrared into the medium infrared and this way […]

Is Solar Energy the Future? Yes, if it Can Overcome These Challenges

Nick Sciple: Let’s talk about some of the challenges that we’re going to see in solar over time. The first thing I want to call out is called the duck curve. Traditionally, what we see with power generation is that it starts to tick up after the sun rises, folks go to work. It rises […]