Environment Matters – March 2013, Part 2

KATHY: Every year, tons of building surplus, construction debris and unwanted household and office furniture end up taking up valuable space in landfills across the country — but one organization is making a dent in that pile — and extending the useful life of thousands of items… The DEP’s Greg Adolfson joins us now and […]

Sarah Hyland Wants You to Protect Our Planet – Now You Know

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Joy, can I ask you something? Sure thing oddly familiar voice. What do you know about climate change? Seems like we’re making good progress with hybrid cars and meatless Mondays. We should be pretty good soon, right? If we don’t change our behavior by 2030, the damage to earth could be permanent, […]

The World’s Seafloor Is Rapidly Dissolving, Here’s Why

Welcome to a very special week, where we’re joining The Swim to raise awareness around ocean health. Now climate change may call to mind: clouds of gases, smog blanketing cities, and rising temperatures around the globe. But it has also has many profound impacts on our oceans too–like the fact that climate change is literally […]

Solar Electrical Experiments

I finally jumped on the band-wagon and got a pair of solar panels. So, now that we’ve got access to free, and virtually unlimited amounts of electricity, let’s hook them up and experiment, with some of the things they can do. To start this project, I got a couple of 100-watt solar panels from verengosolar.com. […]


we humans are very careless we prefer money over health meanwhile pollution is increasing significantly in the past ten years we have water purifiers to filter our water but what about air pollution do you think you’re breathing in pure air according to wh0 9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air which kills […]

How a 16-Year-Old Is Leading a Global Climate Movement

(slow classical music) – [Woman] Greta is a 16-year-old girl who has inspired thousands maybe even millions of people to stand up for both themselves and the climate. – [Girl] She thought everything was going in the wrong direction. And now she’s become a really big role model for a lot of people. – [Girl] […]

News in 90 with Jessica Barron – USF Sustainability

What’s up bulls! I’m Jessica and this is News in 90. USF has made many changes to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more environmentally friendly university. We spoke with students working on a special project on campus. So we are the USF Campus Food Waste Recovery Program and we’re actually funded by the […]