Orkney 2. Building the Future | Fully Charged

Hello and welcome to another episode of Fully Charged. Now this is the second in our series of videos from the amazing islands of Orkney. In this episode we’re talking to a company that are driving progress in housing this both renewably powered and affordable by incorporating solar PV, amazing insulation, air source heat pumps […]

What If the Sun Was Twice Smaller

Hello, earthlings! I’m Alan, and I live in the same Solar System as you do. But the chances we’ll ever meet are almost non-existent since your and my Solar Systems exist in parallel worlds! And in my world, people do NOT live on Earth because our Sun is twice smaller than yours! What’s the connection? […]

Sun VS. Atomic Bomb

So, I live in Montana and it’s winter right now and it’s cold and in February walk outside and looks like this. And sometimes I just wish that i lived on Mercury, yeah that looks nice. So, the Sun is awesome whatever you’re doing right now you’re only able to do because of the Sun. […]

The Last Star in the Universe – Red Dwarfs Explained

One day the last star will die and the universe will turn dark forever. It will probably be a red dwarf; a tiny kind of star. That’s also one of our best bets to find alien life, and might be the last home of humanity before the universe becomes uninhabitable. So, what do we know […]