RocketSkates R5 – “Extreme Electric Skates” REVIEW

these are the brand-new R5 rocket skates from Acton they’re the first rocket skates that can be controlled by a wireless remote controller or even from your phone I’m Ben from authentech let’s check them out first off the design is really nice and sharp you may look like Optimus Prime rolling around awesome build […]

Reinventing the Microwave, TV Remote, and Plane in Record Time | NowThis

Are you ready? Yep. All right, so I have my timer here. Kind I get to my pen and my canvas? Yes, please set up. I would go and design two microwaves. First microwave, first microwave maybe looks like this. And this microwave plugs in, has a door, a handle. But the cool thing about […]

Hacking Hydro Power on a Remote Scottish Island

My name is John, I’m a postman, and I run on hydro power. My previous knowledge of hydro was just big huge hydro electric schemes they had all over the highlands Small scale hydro it was all new to me, and that’s the way i went and I never regretted it. Yes, when I took […]

LED SOLAR LIGHT ๐Ÿ’ฅ Richarm Flood Light (Security) Review ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

so today we have a solar light to show you it’s a floodlight from Richarm and it has 25 super-bright LEDs now this solar light comes with remote control that’s always handy to have with these things it has 25 LEDs to provide 300 lumens and it offers a 120 degree angle this right here […]

Solar Desalination – Clean sustainable water from unlimited resources – Elemental Water Makers

Fresh water. There’s no life without it. It’s not only the water we drink, water is part of everything we do. Most of it is used to grow good, manufacture products and generate energy. Yet, it’s increasingly becoming scarce. Already 4 billion people face water scarcity. Having limited fresh water resources, the key to move […]

Amazing Isolated Houses Hidden in the World

– [Narrator] Don’t you ever wish you were rich enough to have a home so isolated it took you hours or even days to get somewhere to buy groceries? Maybe you’re more of the type to surround yourself with groups of people. Whichever you are, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly remote some of these […]