Bull City Today – March 9, 2020 (ep. 800) Solar Energy Growth

The City is being nationally recognized for its work to advance solar energy growth. Durham has just received a gold designation from the national SolSmart Program. The program recognizes communities for taking steps for making it faster, easier, and more affordable for homes and businesses to go solar. As a SolSmart designee, Durham is helping […]

IoT & EcoStruxure: Montgomery County’s Microgrids Create Sustainable Energy | Schneider Electric

Montgomery County, located in Maryland, is a community that’s just on the outside of Washington DC. We’re over a million people and we have from urban to very rural type of urbanism. My name is Michael Yambrach and I am the Capital Energy Project Manager. Because we’ve seen a lot of weather-induced incidences recently that […]

Electric Cars: The Role of the Electric Vehicle Business in Energy Transition

The NECA/IBEW Powering America Team is Flipping the Script on Solar Power at Barnes Jewish College

Solar has been growing, there’s so much new growth coming. The more we can be on the front side of it, I believe, the more we will have later on down the road. One of the things we help our member contractors do is think outside the box. We try to make our work picture […]

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good Protested for Blocking Solar!

Mic Check! Lynn Good: We won’t restrict your energy, but we will take some time What you lead is opposition to energy advance! You only care about leading with energy… …that can maintain your monopoly. Otherwise, why would Duke Energy… …oppose the Energy Freedom Act? The Republican-sponsored legislation… …that would let North Carolinians… …get affordable […]

The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion

Over the past decade, prices for solar panels and wind farms have reached all time lows, leading to hundreds of gigawatts worth of new renewable energy generation. As the saying goes though, the wind isn’t always blowing and the sun isn’t always shining.If, for example, it’s a beautiful sunny day and we’ve got a super […]