The $50 Water Turbine – DIY, Portable, Powerful, and Open Source

My name is Daniel Connell. The last 10 years I’ve been developing low-tech alternative infrastructure, basically things people can make themselves from recycled readily available materials which takes care of their basic human needs. this is mostly to do with energy, water and sanitation, food, that sort of thing. I’m at a place called Valldaura […]

Solar Info Session | Conversation Cafe Series

Alright well let’s get started hi guys I’m John Brooker representing sustainability, I’m gonna talk to you to real quick and then I’m gonna hand it over to Benny, who will be talking about residential solar info session with altered energy solar but real quick we do most of these on sustainable topics We’re MUSC […]

A Powerful Step Forward | Gulf Power + Florida Power & Light

We’ve come a long way together. Bringing Northwest Florida through the good times. The hard times. And all the times in between. We’re neighbors… friends… family. It’s a powerful connection we share. And it’s going to remain strong; as Gulf Power joins the Florida Power and Light Family. Delivering an enhanced level of service while […]

Future Environments: Energy Everywhere

[♪♪♪ ] Most people are aware of batteries through personal devices. So you know that more functions your little handheld device has, the more power it needs. And has to get that from its battery. So those devices have really led to some significant advances. And they’re now using that battery technology in hybrid vehicles […]

mini hydropower | 微型水力發電機 一天可發電6kwh,一家都用不了,還不用維護

National Solar Schools Program – St Pauls Catholic College

Voiceover (Male): Four years ago we participated in the National Solar Schools Program and we decided to split the grant four ways so we had a range of sustainable options and one was to produce electricity from solar panels. We also have a solar panel which heats water, and we also put in energy-efficient lighting […]

Nigeria Schoolgirl pee power energy generator – uses just pee to generate electricity This is a new system designed by 4 schoolgirls from Nigeria, Africa with the help of their teacher to get an electrical generator system running on just ONLY Urine ! They used electrolysis to split Urine ( pee ) into hydrogen and clear it up via a liquid borax solution and then run a […]

Unlock Expert Energy Analysis with REopt Lite

As our nation’s energy landscape continues to transform, federal agencies need cost-saving and resilient solutions for their sites. For more than 30 years, the Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has helped federal agencies implement distributed energy projects. But with so many advanced energy opportunities, federal agencies need the ability to weigh the […]

Micro-power Tidal Turbine Capstone Video

>>Brian L. Polagye: We got involved in tidal energy development in Puget Sound when the Electric Power Research Institute was putting together a feasibility study that said “will tidal energy work anywhere in North America?” And the university got involved during that study actually looking at the Tacoma Narrows where the sound funnels down into […]