How can big energy users cut carbon emissions? | Electricity

Electricity markets are changing globally. We’re going through a major transition. Helping businesses update their electricity supply is MP2 Energy, a part of Shell Energy North America. We’re continually exploring ways to help our customers get the electricity they need and also curb their carbon emissions, whether that’s through renewable energies, with rooftop solar, with […]

How are solar farms energising communities? | Electricity

The solar farm brings renewable energy to our community, and it’s actually driving new businesses to our community. Shell’s investment in Silicon Ranch is helping generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 7,500 homes at its 400-acre solar farm in Millington. It’s very exciting. All new industry now, it seems like one of the […]

#betd2019 Ministerial: Mission Possible – Challenges and Solutions for the Energy Transition

What are the central challenges and solutions for the energy transition? The energy market is in full transition. We are seeing decarbonization, increasing renewables and improvements in infrastructure around the globe. This transition process is creating new challenges which need to be addressed. How do you provide clean and reliable energy at minimum cost? How […]

Power to the people

Well when it comes to cutting the cost of electricity, the South Australian town of Port Pirie is leading the way. It’s created the country’s first-ever Community Power Network and it’s slashing bills and literally giving the power back to the people. The scheme is the brainchild of a very innovative little council and now […]

Solar Energy for Health Facilities

EnDev is a very good partner of ours. They are specialized in solar panel instillations, so they are supporting us in ensuring that all our facilities got light. The facilities never used to have light, so they (the staff) could never work at night. With the support of EnDev all our facilities got light now. […]

Why you can and should trust solar energy start-ups | Bangalore, India

We will start with a small prayer.. These are the 12 names of the Sun God. We are happy to generate our own electricity. Thanks to the Solar energy and everyone at Solarify. See how do you learn swimming? You go into the water, take a dip, struggle, and then only swimming. If you say […]

S. Korea to increase production of renewable energy

During today’s cabinet meeting, the government finalized plans to raise the share of the country’s power output generated from renewable sources. The goal is to boost the level to around 30 to 35 percent by the year 2040, which would mean a more than four-fold increase from current levels. The government will reduce the use […]

Local scientists develop method to create renewable energy using coffee grounds

a group of local scientists has recently developed a method to convert coffee grounds into biofuel that means South Korea could reuse nearly a hundred and fifty thousand tons of waste that gets thrown out every year which was Oldman has more South Korea imported 143 thousand tons of coffee last year that annual figure […]