Tiny Tree House with Hanging Bridge Makes Off Grid Living Fun!

Hey everyone! Mat here from Exploring Alternatives. In this video we’re taking a look at this amazing treehouse with a hanging rope bridge and a deck perched up in the trees. [Music Playing] On our channel we’re always looking for tiny living spaces alternative living spaces and dwellings and this is by far one of […]

Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

hey everyone we’re here on main island in British Columbia and we’re checking out the Cobb cottage this is a two-story 800 square foot cottage and it was built with Cobb which is a fantastic natural building material and Cobb is just a simple mixture of sand clay and straw this is the very first […]

The World Largest Solar power Complex in Morocco 2016

In Morocco, King Mohammed VI inaugurated one of the largest solar plants in the world. Norwegian first center located in the heart of the Sahara desert about 20 kilometers from Ouarzazate is the first of what should be one the largest solar park in the world. The inauguration took place in the presence of the […]