2019 Nissan Leaf Review – an electric car to make you switch? | What Car?

There was plenty to like about the old Nissan Leaf, it had a driving range of 155 miles, a smart interior and offered the kind of low running cost which electric car buyers are looking for. Towards the end of its life though is beginning to look a bit, well, outclassed by more modern rivals […]

Best Tesla to Buy RIGHT NOW (Feb 2020)

– A constant question I get asked is which Tesla should you buy and it varies of course and there’s so many things to consider, but I thought it would be fun just every so often, maybe every four or six months or whatever to go through what Tesla currently is offering from all the […]

Best ELECTRIC BIKE from CHINA /$4,000 eBike Review from AliExpress

so China is slowly flooding the market with finished e-bikes and I was very curious how they perform my friend wasn’t confident enough to build his own ebike so he decided to purchase and test it out one of these Chinese ones and he was nice enough to let me review it I I was […]

Electric Mercedes – 5 BEST Features!

Lake Conroe Camping & Crazy Texas Weather

well good morning everybody welcome to sunny Texas here as we begin I am preparing to go south here in Texas probably all the way to the Gulf but gonna find some new stuff and I want to let you know this is one of my new favorite Thousand Trails campgrounds here at Lake Conroe […]

Kitchen Gadget Testing – Electric Pie Maker

New Hyundai IONIQ 2020 Facelift Review Interior Exterior Electric

welcome back guys to a new video the new hyundai ioniq electric 2019 it’s right here with me ordered or 2020 I don’t know first time I want to show you the engine we will start with the engine here guys and the the engine is not so much different from the previous version I […]