Nuclear Power Safety – David Lochbaum

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Captain Marvel VS Shazam (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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North Korea vs The United States – Who Would Win The War?

North Korea vs the United States The defense budget of North Korea is estimated to be $10 billion (or 15.8% of their GDP). The American defense budget is $664 billion (or 2.4% of their GDP). North Korea’s total population is 24.7 million people with a total of 10 million who are fit for service. 690,000 are […]

Season 4, Episode 73 – Under the Weather | Red vs. Blue

*Intro Music* Tucker: *Groaning* Church: Man, he sounds terrible. Caboose: Yeah, he’s been like that since the swamp. Church: Swamp? You guys were at a swamp? Caboose: Yeah. It was dark and swampy. I WASN’T SCARED AT ALL. Church: Is this why you guys came home so fast? Caboose: No… we came home because the […]

Shenzhen: City of the Future. The high-tech life of China’s Silicon Valley

They have a saying in China to see the country’s past go to the Bejing for present to visit Shanghai and for the future It has to be Shenzhen. By Chinese standards Shenzhen is a very young and futuristic metropolis The city is positively bristles with innovation. Just 50 years ago it was nothing but […]