Investigating Micro-Hydro Minigrids in Nepal

Here we are at the highest hotel it’s called Eco Lodge. I’ve climbed about, I don’t know, 800 feet. Been climbing for the last 30 minutes. I can hear the purring of the engines as we pull close. The path is a bit treacherous, so I should use my camera and feet carefully. And you’re […]

Energy 101: Feedstocks for Biofuels and More

Nearly a billion dollars a day. That’s how much we spend on oil imports in the U.S. — oil that powers our nation’s transportation systems and industries. But here’s something to think about: a strong biofuels industry could meet much of our demand. Biofuels are made from organic materials, or biomass, grown in our own […]

mini hydropower | 微型水力發電機 一天可發電6kwh,一家都用不了,還不用維護

Turning Animal Waste in Energy in Viet Nam

Its mid-morning in Sóc Sơn District, an hour’s drive north of Hanoi. A team of technicians is setting up a new system for a family to cook their food and heat water. It uses a special fuel made from animal waste known as biogas. This is just one of tens of thousands of biogas units […]

Solar Desalination – Clean sustainable water from unlimited resources – Elemental Water Makers

Fresh water. There’s no life without it. It’s not only the water we drink, water is part of everything we do. Most of it is used to grow good, manufacture products and generate energy. Yet, it’s increasingly becoming scarce. Already 4 billion people face water scarcity. Having limited fresh water resources, the key to move […]

Turbulent Is Ready to Change the World!

Flüsse versorgen uns mit mehr als 85% unserer erneuerbaren Energie, uf dem jetzigen Standpunkt der Technologie benötigen wir jedoch große und teure Dämme um diese Energie zu nutzen. Noch teurer sind die .Überlandleitungen um die Energie zu den Menschen zu transportieren Und obwohl diese Dämme gebaut werden, um den Gemeinden zu helfen, verursachen sie für […]

This is Michigan | Communities Get the Facts About Renewable Energy

It is a very emotional subject. There are so many opinions on either side of wind development, and what I’m trying to provide is fact based information that sorts out the real impacts. I was hearing again and again from local officials that it was really hard to get non-biased information. What I received some […]

‘We are changing the world’ – the fracking village that’s going solar

[Soft guitar music] Balcombe is a small village in West Sussex That thrives on the strength of its community. But in 2013, fracking firm Cuadrilla came to drill for oil. It didn’t go well. [Protestors chanting] Shame on you! Gillian: Oh that was horrendous. That was so traumatic, I can’t tell you. Joe: it felt […]

Solar power could be the answer to aging electrical grids

This is about trying to take control of how our lives are wired. In these backlands of northern Guatemala, you can actually see where the energy grid stops. The power line runs by the road until, suddenly, it just doesn’t. And, out past this point, people’s homes work without the modern conveniences that most urbanites […]