Cut the cost of electricity, by force – Wattage warden

HEY, TURN OFF THE LIGHT!!! CLOSE THE FRIDGE!!! TURN OFF THE AC!!! Electricity is expensive. Turn EVERYTHING off. Don’t be a wattage warden. You work too hard to live uncomfortably in your own home or to be worrying about the utility bill. Install solar and live how you want. Go to And get your […]

Moreland Council’s Solar Panel Bulk Buy – Martin

I’m Martin, we’re here at my house in Coburg North We’ve got solar panels here, we’ve had them for about 6 months now through the Positive Charge program with Moreland Council. We’d been thinking about solar panels for a while but the difficulty is trying to select a supplier that you can trust so having […]

Tampa Electric’s Energy Planner puts you in control of your energy costs

I don’t know how to control when my in-laws visit. I’m putting it up to 85°. But with Energy Planner from Tampa Electric I know I can control my energy usage whether they’re here, or not. It’s like living in Iceland. With Tampa Electric’s free Energy Planner you can control when and how electricity is […]

Save money on your electricity bill with this life hack | Make Science Fun

Electricity Bill. Ahh! Do you want a life hack to save money on your electricity bill? Just before you go to bed, grab a big bottle of water out of the bottom of the fridge. You put that bottle in the freezer and you go to bed. Goodnight. You take the block of ice, and […]

3 ways to lower your electricity bills

Hey guys, are you worried about your electricity bills getting out of control? Here are our three top tips to help you keep the costs down. So the first thing to do if you’re looking to lower your electricity bills is to identify the appliances in your home that consume the most electricity and then […]

Low On Cash ? High Energy cost // Winterize Your Home/Trailer On the Cheap

it’s very low-budget but let me tell you it works great this is the bubble wrap at my window this is the bathroom window which gets really cold air now a lot of you would say oh my word that is just awful looking it is it’s very really really awful looking but when you […]

Save Energy at Home – Savings You Might be Missing

I have many videos about how much I’ll be saving in energy costs from going solar. In fact, my next video after this one is about my first full year with solar panels. While solar panels can make a lot of sense financially and environmentally, they only account for the energy generation side of the […]

Save Money. Create a Better World. Help Hire Vets.

The major utility companies in California are increasing your rates with no end in sight There is a better way the fact is you can’t afford not to go solar, California Has reached solar parity what this means for the average homeowner is it’s now cheaper to go solar than to continue paying high electricity […]

How to Monitor Your Home’s Energy Usage | Sense Energy Monitor Install & Review