Selektor proizvoda | Schneider Electric

Meet the Product Selector, a new tool designed to help you find the right products with ease… … and add compatible accessories faster. use the product selector across Schneider ranges Here’s how it works. To access, click the “Product Selector” button on our website. Pick your technical characteristics to find the component you need If […]

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Overview

At Schneider Electric, the heart of our IoT system architecture is the EcoStruxure Platform. Connecting everything in your enterprise, from the shop floor to the top floor… Collecting critical data, from sensors to the cloud. Analyzing data to discover meaningful insights. Enabling you to take action by closing the loop through real-time information and business […]

Explore Your Career Path & Consider New Job Opportunities | Schneider Electric Careers

Life is ON | Schneider Electric What makes me excited about Schneider Electric is that we’re pioneers in technology. These are market-leading products that we’re launching and so it’s exciting to be a part of that process and a part of that team. So we’re hiring thousands and thousands of people, with 144,000 employees. I […]

PacDrive 3 Delta Robots for Food Production with Sewtec Automation | Schneider Electric

My name’s Paul Johnson, I’m the sales director at Sewtec. So the system we’ve developed is an end of line packing system for a dog food producer called Pets Choice. And what we have to do is initially identify the chubs and then pack them into an SRP or shelf ready pack/case. The system is […]

Schneider Electric Exchange: Solving Your Business Challenges | Schneider Electric

This is Schneider Electric Exchange. Here you can gain access to tools and resources to answer your own business challenges… …or solve someone else’s. Speed up time to market with a little help from the experts. Reach new partners, customers, and markets around the globe. That’s Schneider Electric Exchange. What are you waiting for?

IoT & EcoStruxure: Data Center Solutions for Mainfreight | Schneider Electric

New Zealand, being a small country at the bottom of the world, we’re highly reliant on the import and export of goods. Without the ability to move freight in and out of the country, the economy would suffer. My name is David Hall, I’m the Group IT Infrastructure Manager for Mainfreight. The decisions we make […]

Wiser: Smart Home System & Energy Management | Schneider Electric

We rise. We run. We grab some rays. We chill. We pew, pew, pew! into the morning. We install. Hey, that was easy. We check the bills. We check the leak. We turn up the heating. We grab a quick bite. We get a message from home. We leave a little light on. We catch […]

Schneider Electric Exchange: A Competitive Edge Through Business Innovation | Schneider Electric

This is Schneider Electric Exchange. A bold, open business platform where experts and innovators solve everyday energy management and automation challenges, every day. A place where efficiency and sustainability meet practicality and profitability. Here you can gain access to tools and resources to answer your own business challenges… …or solve someone else’s. Speed up time […]