How Close Are We to Launching the James Webb Space Telescope?

And liftoff of the Space Shuttle Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope. Before the Hubble Space Telescope launched in 1990, we didn’t know how old the universe was. We had never seen a planet outside of our solar system. We didn’t even know about dark energy! Hubble taught us a lot, but it can only […]

Could Asteroid Mining Fuel Deep Space Travel?

If we want to colonize space, we have to figure out how to generate a large supply of life sustaining resources. The most important being water. The good news is, traces of water have been detected throughout our solar system. And asteroids may hold the most accessible abundance of water that we know of. There […]

1942: UChicago’s race to the first nuclear reaction

RACHEL BRONSON: So in 1939, the world is in a desperate situation. The Nazis are on the move. They seem unstoppable. ROBERT ROSNER: The Germans attacked Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and the French. They were ruthless. They demonstrated their ruthlessness. RACHEL BRONSON: They seem capable and willing to execute a war of total domination. And the […]

Is Jupiter the Reason for Life on Earth?

Our solar system is unlike any other discovered in the cosmos to date, and a rogue baby Jupiter might be the reason why it’s so weird – and even home to life. The Solar System consists of four inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars. They’re known as terrestrial planets because they’re made up of […]

What Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?

There are numerous military conflicts, border disputes and all out wars happening right now. With all of these international conflicts comes the question of escalation. How far will they go? Could any one of these conflicts escalate enough to cause a nuclear war? To answer that we first have to look at which countries actually […]

The Science Of Glow Sticks

The next software revolution: programming biological cells | Sara-Jane Dunn

The second half of the last century was completely defined by a technological revolution: the software revolution. The ability to program electrons on a material called silicon made possible technologies, companies and industries that were at one point unimaginable to many of us, but which have now fundamentally changed the way the world works. The […]

Black Holes are WAY Smaller than You Think

Hi, everybody, this is black hole M87. NGC 4486 or Virgo A, it’s a supermassive black hole and the first ever seen by our jelly-filled light buckets. Virgo a is six and a half million times more massive than our Sun. But like, how big is it not like how massive but like how large […]

The Waters of Slovenia | National Geographic