24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE!! We Got A Secret Package

alright guys what’s going on right now I just drew on the blogging camera because something is happening something is going down right now we just got an emergency alert on our phone that something is going down and as this happen a strange package showed up to the door look it’s already down there […]

The Secret Tesla Generator Plans and Free Electricity

What Secrets Are Hiding on Jupiter’s Moons?

Jupiter could be considered an independent solar system, only in miniature form. The gas giant has the same basic ingredients as the sun and is surrounded by dozens of geologically diverse moons. Out of the 79 confirmed surrounding Jupiter, four ancient moons have astronomers really excited because they offer up some of the most distinctive […]

★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD

We don’t fire a rocket motor all the way to mars. We don’t need to You just place the spacecraft on a trajectory to mars and let it coast for seven months and 300 million miles until it reaches the planet Atmospheric entry in 3.. 2.. 1.. Just passed in one minute that atmospheric entry […]

Iran’s Fight For Nuclear Power

For the last fifty years, Iran and the US have been fighting over the issue of Iran’s nuclear capability. Tension over sanctions and broken agreements have fueled this diplomatic deadlock. Here’s a timeline to explain the history of this back and forth. July 01, 1968 Iran signs the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with 50 other countries, […]

Google’s Amazing Floating Data Centers

Google is in the final stages of building a four-story tall data center on a ship in San Francisco Bay that will be not only cooled, but also powered, renewably, by the ocean. An investigative report by CNET left little doubt that the secretive project is the work of Google, who has set the project […]

Amazing Isolated Houses Hidden in the World

– [Narrator] Don’t you ever wish you were rich enough to have a home so isolated it took you hours or even days to get somewhere to buy groceries? Maybe you’re more of the type to surround yourself with groups of people. Whichever you are, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly remote some of these […]

Solar PV panels mis-selling – Which? investigation

Solar electricity panels can earn you thousands of pounds under the government’s Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme. But only if your roof is right. So, when companies come around to sell you solar panels, do they really know what they’re talking about? Which has conducted an undercover investigation into solar companies and found some pretty […]