Tesla Model 3: 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Elon Musk’s dream was to sell electric cars that are affordable for everyone and with the Model 3, the company introduced a reasonably priced ultra-intelligent sedan, that put the entire automotive industry on notice. Known for quick acceleration, nimble handling, cutting edge tech, and low energy costs the Tesla Model 3 has been in high […]

Sneaking Inside an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant!

right now standing in front of one of four massive abandoned nuclear reactors at this unfinished power plant construction was halted in the 80s and it set just like this ever since come with us as we take you inside and explore the depths of this monolithic structure [Music] there’s so many spiderwebs holy fuck […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Why “energy consumption” math sucks

[inaudible] [AUDIENCE] Do you think it’s possible to have a blockchain that has the five pillars of a fair currency… while there’s no mining? [ANDREAS] Umm, [one that] has no mining? Possibly. [One that] has no energy consumption? No. People misunderstand the energy consumption of systems like Bitcoin. First, people say it’s a “waste” to […]


hey guys I just got a new solar light by Sweet Home Light. I’m out here it’s actually threatening to rain but I’m gonna take it to look at the light in the box and get it installed and then come out later maybe either later today or tomorrow and see how bright it is […]

NightSearcher SolarStar 10W LED Solar Powered Floodlight with PIR Sensor

This is a NightSearcher SolarStar, what’s good about this? It’s perfect for this type of situation. Bottom of your garden, anywhere where it’s a good distance from a power supply because the great thing is, you don’t need any cables. It’s solar powered. You simply fit it to a wall, to your shed, anywhere at […]

Set Off Loud Alarms at Abandoned Power Plant

Hey everyone, so today’s video is not going to be a regular video.. Uhm, what you’re actually about to see is a failed exploration and we were originally going to put this on the second channel But we both later decided on this was just too entertaining to not go up on the main channel […]

Lives behind hydropower dams

The local people have chosen the best place to live but now they have been displaced and cannot adapt to their new homes which does not provide sufficient conditions for their livelihoods You cannot set a price on the environmental and social damage caused by hydropower developments. It is easy to know how much money […]

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

LED SOLAR LIGHT 💥 Richarm Flood Light (Security) Review 👈

so today we have a solar light to show you it’s a floodlight from Richarm and it has 25 super-bright LEDs now this solar light comes with remote control that’s always handy to have with these things it has 25 LEDs to provide 300 lumens and it offers a 120 degree angle this right here […]

Mark Udall for Colorado – Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Thanks for your question, and I also want to thank Mike from Lamar, who asked a similar question–how do we produce more wind power. The way we pay for these new tax credits and the investments in a whole new energy economy is first and foremost to redirect all the subsidies and tax-breaks that go […]