What’s Your Biggest Sex Tape Mishap?

I write with my left hand. I destroy with my right. Are you lefthanded? I write lefthanded. It’s the only thing I do lefthanded. That’s bizarre. Yeah. You throw right-handed? Yeah. That’s so weird. Really? What do you jack? Right. Can you do left, though? Yeah. Do you hold it like a pencil, though? Nah, […]

The Principles of Lust (2004) | Best Porn Movie Ever

The Smartest Subtitle Downloader for OSX www.FLIXTOOLS.comI don’t know if you ever go for long without work have beenbut it does something very weird with your tijdsgevoel.Things that are normal, but two minutessuch as the garbage bin to empty, a razor buyor you just dress up, it can take days.Weeks.Still silent about the book that […]

Hey Bill Nye, “Does Homosexuality Make Evolutionary Sense?” | Big Think

Hi Bill. This is Jason Gots from Big Think. I’m reading a question that somebody submitted in written form who wished to remain anonymous. But it seemed like a question that it would be good to have you answer. “I have a question about homosexuality,” he asks. “If the purpose of a species is to […]

For These 7 Species, Sex Changes Everything

Thanks to Brilliant for supporting this episode of SciShow. Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to learn more. [ ♪INTRO ] Animals and plants come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colors. And generally speaking, biologists can use these traits to sort out different species. But sometimes, members of the same species look vastly different. Like, […]

Regulate Women’s Vaginas, Not Wall Street, Nuclear Power, Carbon Emissions

the david letterman show david dot com here’s an idea ladies and gentlemen let’s regulate women’s vagina but not nuclear power plants carbon emissions wall street the financial markets etcetera it’s incredible lewis what the republicans are doing essentially they’re saying that’s what they want to do this obsession talking about signing grams and talking […]

Australia’s first electric jet ski

We’ve shown the first prototype of our electric jet ski and the next step for the REV Project because we’ve been converting electric cars for a number of years now. Everybody likes jet skis but then the course everybody hates just jet skis because of the pollution and noise and with this electric jet ski […]