Q&A: Dyson’s Singapore electric car plan

So one of the main reasons is that Singapore is part of the Asean trading bloc, which has a free trade agreement with China, which is the world’s largest automotive market. And clearly, Dyson sees that as a target for its sales. Dyson already manufactures all its domestic appliances in Asia, and it has a […]

Electric Car Sharing: The new way to travel…or maybe not? (BlueSG) – Hype Hunt: EP33

What’s up, hype-hunters! So today we’re gonna be trying out something new. Electric car sharing! What she said was electric car sharing. That’s right guys, today I have a really bad ulcer so half my face is paralysed and can’t move and I’m in a lot of pain but my commitment to the show is […]

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2710 – Full Episode – 16th April, 2019

Hey, Aiyar! – Yes. – That’s Gardens by the Bay. Okay. – Oh, my God! It was stunning! – Is it? It was so beautiful. – Yes, it was great, Mr. Aiyar. Inside the bay, such beautiful flowers and herbs. There were varieties of flowers from all over the world. Ms. Babita, did you see […]

Soul. Featuring the new Porsche Taycan.

I wonder if everyone has one What about me? Does it change over time? Do these buildings have one? Toys? How about babies? Or animals? What does it look like? Can we see it? Can we feel it? Or even hear it? Papa? What is soul?

Apply. Take off. Expand your business to Asia.

Imagine accessing a growing market of over two billion people… Just like you, Heikki, Marinus, Sandra, Shane and Thibault know their companies’ potential, yet they are aware of the challenges when internationalising a business. “There are many things, there’s the unknown of the region there’s language barriers”. “You don’t know the culture, you don’t know […]

Singapore increases its use of solar energy power

In sustainable energy news, Singapore increases its use of solar energy power. Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) completed the first stage of its solar powered apartment project. Three communities will now be supplied with 80% of their daily electricity from solar panels. They are being used for various services such as operating elevators and […]