Generate your own solar power and use it effectively

[Music] This is the house where the Reinhardt family lives. Since 2013, they have been operating their own PV system, because they are real fans of solar power. It runs in the family. We first opted for a PV system back in 2004 that we installed on a larger roof space, and we saw that […]

How to save 100% on fuel costs with SMA Off-Grid Solutions

Off-grid solutions provide clean energy, clean energy anywhere and storage has been driving off-grid solutions and off-grid solutions have been driving the development of cost effective storage for renewable integration. But what has been driving offgrid solutions to the stage that we are in? It’s mainly saving costs. Saving costs by saving diesel fossile fuel. […]

85 % Less Electricity Costs Thanks to Solar System

We arrived in Oléron barely three years ago. It wasn’t necessarily an intended destination. Chance played a part. We completely fell under the spell of this house. It was love at first sight. It’s an extremely pleasant house to live in all year round, not just during vacation time. An environmentally conscious attitude does not […]

Solar Energy For The Island of Marlon Brando’s Dreams

Tetiaora, an atoll in the heart of the Pacific. Hollywood legend Marlon Brando fell in love with the atoll while filming mutiny on the bounty. He purchased it and worked on his vision of an eco-friendly resort together with a Richard Baily now owner of “The Brando”: We’re trying to create a new model of […]