My name is Annemiek, I am 22 years old and I am from the Noordoostpolder. I am responsible for the aerodynamics and I am a racer. Why am I participating in the World Solar Challenge? I think it is an awesome project and I have thought so for a long time. It has been a […]

Student Turns His Car Into Solar Powered Car – Positive News

What do you do when you need to get somewhere, but can’t afford gas? Why not just turn your car into a solar-powered car? [Intro] This was exactly the same situation Segun Oyeyiola faced, kind of, maybe, not really, actually, not at all, I just made that up. Oyeyiola, a student at Obagemi Awolowo University […]

The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

Solar lounge is more than a lounge chair, it’s ergonomic design and patented technology offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort, while it’s solar powered system makes it a convenient and environmentally-friendly choice. Whether you’re relaxing after a busy day, or lounging on a sunny Saturday afternoon, solar lounge makes the Sun work for you. […]

Solar Power Plant in Honduras is Largest in Latin America and Most Efficient Worldwide

Welcome to the solar power plant Nacaome and Valle which is the largest in Latin America and the most efficient on a worldwide scale. This energy project covers one million square meters of land area with 480,500 solar panels that allow it to generate 145MW of electricity. The company executives say it is the largest […]

Risen Energy Solar Technology – The Power of Rising Value

Risen Energy designs and manufactures innovative solar energy solutions and applications for a wide variety of customers. In 2002 Risen Energy began manufacturing solar energy products opening our first solar cell production line in 2006. In 2010 Risen Energy was officially listed on the Chinese stock market, and achieved a capacity of 400 megawatts in […]

Solar Gangnam Style – SolarEdge Holiday Video 2012

Solar time! Solar time! Each day when I come home, I turn on all the power Blender, Xbox, blower, TV, heater for the shower I bought a million gadgets that would make my life much easier 2012, and it’s getting busier But then I got the bill No it wasn’t just a lovely letter Got […]

Solar Battery Backup: Solar Batteries and Solar Battery Bank in Solar Power Systems

Solarpanelsvenue dot com presents: Batteries in solar electric systems This video will show: basics of batteries and their application in solar electric systems, the most important battery features, what kinds of batteries are used in solar electric systems, how to connect batteries by revealing tips and what to avoid. Batteries are devices capable to produce […]

Nuclear Fusion: Engine of the Stars and Energy of the Future

Okay, well, hello everyone, I am Clayton Myers I’m from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton New Jersey and I’m going to talk to you today about nuclear fusion and its applications now and in the future as hopefully an energy source for the future mankind internationally. So I hope you enjoy it and I’ll […]

Tony Seba, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford University

Kia Ora, today I’m here with Tony Seba. Like most leaders in their fields, Tony has many credentials. He’s a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Stanford University lecturer, Author, Startup advisor and a clean technology expert who believes we’re on the brink of the biggest technological revamp since the industrial revolution. In his book Clean Disruption of […]