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Solar Self-Consumption: Does the PV System Operate During a Grid Outage? | Schneider Electric

Does the photovoltaic system still operate during a grid outage? No! As I said, grid-tie photovoltaic inverters need a source that delivers the voltage and frequency reference, such as the electrical grid. They are not designed to operate off-grid. In case of grid outage, the solar inverters disconnect rapidly, as the voltage in the electrical […]

IoT & EcoStruxure: Montgomery County’s Microgrids Create Sustainable Energy | Schneider Electric

Montgomery County, located in Maryland, is a community that’s just on the outside of Washington DC. We’re over a million people and we have from urban to very rural type of urbanism. My name is Michael Yambrach and I am the Capital Energy Project Manager. Because we’ve seen a lot of weather-induced incidences recently that […]

Solar Self-Consumption: Why PV-Produced AC-Power Goes to the Loads | Schneider Electric

How can you be sure that the photovoltaic energy produced is consumed by the loads, and not reinjected into the grid? The photovoltaic energy produced goes to the loads, because the electricity takes the least resistant path. The path to the loads, made of cables and busbars, has a much lower resistance than the path […]

Solar Self-Consumption: How to Switch Power Supply from Grid to PV Source | Schneider Electric

how do you switch the power supply from the grid to the photovoltaic source? In fact, there is no need to transfer the electricity supply from one source to the other. When solar panels produce electricity, the electrical installation is powered by both the grid, and the photovoltaic system. This is possible because photovoltaic inverters […]

Solar Self-Consumption: How PV is Synchronized with Grid Supply | Schneider Electric

How do you synchronize the photovoltaic production with the grid supply? Grid-tie photovoltaic inverters are current sources. They do not provide voltage and frequency reference by themselves. When connected to the electrical installation, they measure the voltage and frequency at their connection point, and deliver a power output synchronized with this voltage and frequency. Thus, […]

Solar Self-Consumption: Does the PV System Consume Energy at Night? | Schneider Electric

What happens during the night? Does the photovoltaic system consume energy? At night, the photovoltaic system does not produce electricity. Even though photovoltaic inverters are on standby, they consume a little bit of electrical energy. Do they consume a lot? Usually, the night time consumption of photovoltaic inverters is lower than 1 Watt. To know […]

The NECA/IBEW Powering America Team is Flipping the Script on Solar Power at Barnes Jewish College

Solar has been growing, there’s so much new growth coming. The more we can be on the front side of it, I believe, the more we will have later on down the road. One of the things we help our member contractors do is think outside the box. We try to make our work picture […]

Solar Spielzeug für Kinder – Solar Hubschrauber I Ventilator I Airboat – von fischertechnik

Three models can be built with the solar toy. Solar helicopter Solar Fan Solar airboat The solar rotor, a combination of solar cell and motor, is the heart of the three models.