Installing a Basic 12V Solar System in an Off Grid Cabin

quite a few people have asked to learn more about the solar system I installed that serves as my power source for my off-grid cabin if you’d like to learn more about that off grid solar cabin which you’ll see in this video please click this link above in the upper right hand corner here […]

10 Unusual but Awesome Tiny Homes and Vacation Cabins

The minimalist lifestyle is on the rise. From the United States to Denmark, here are some tiny abodes you’ll want to see! I’m Glen, and I’ll be your tour guide as we explore 10 unusual but amazing small homes and cabins! Number ten. A distinct sloped roof design makes the FlexSe standout, as well as […]

Portable Wind Turbine Generator and Solar Battery Box 1200W / 2400W & Pure Sine Inverter, Made in US

hey guys this is Baba cutting-edge power I just wanted to show you all our our biggest battery box that we have right now this one works with wind and solar so you can see the three three-phase wind turbine inputs here it also has our wind turbine break you can see so when you’re […]

The TRUTH about solar energy

(snare drum beats) (upbeat jazz) – [Phil] So this may be the coolest video I think that I’ve ever done. And I’ve been waiting for a long time to do it now. It might even be cooler than when I got to get behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3, and I love that […]

Live Solar Review; Long Island & Queens Panel Install

My name is Corwin Kong. There are a variety of reasons why I decided to go solar. From an investment purpose it’s a great alternative investment; it increases my property value; it also helps me become energy independent; reduces my electric bills. It’s also great for the environment, and I think about that as a […]

Solar Movie – Solar House Facing the Wrong Way

In the mid 1990s it was still hard to get people to understand what solar design was all about. There was some consciousness about the greenhouse effect and growing concern. In this episode of ‘Your Place or Mine’ it highlights the benefits and the approach to solar design, and how it can solve, or start […]

10 Solar Powered Homes for a More Sustainable Future

– [Reacher] Hey, everyone. The seasons are changing, and nothing says free energy like the sun. This is Reacher with Minds Eye Design, and here are 10 solar homes that are the future of architecture. (zapping sounds) Number 10. Anyone with access to a news feed can attest to the constant drought issues plaguing California. […]

1. Solar Installation Process – Initial Consultation by Green Solar Technologies

Your free phone consultation will provide us the opportunity to inform you about Green Solar Technologies and answer any questions you may have about solar. We’ll go over exactly how solar will save you money as well as the added benefits of GST’s solar process. During this time you will be well acquainted with your […]