Solar Panel Installers in Eastvale CA & Chino Hills CA | AmpSun Energy Inc.

Solar Panel Installers in Eastvale CA & Chino Hills CA | AmpSun Energy Inc. the process of getting the solar was very very easy I mean it was so easy I was surprised all it was was just my signature and that was it they came down they did all the work I was surprised […]

Connecting Business Strategy to Key Job Tasks | 2017 NABCEP conference

– I think it’s clear, that everybody that’s here at this conference, has a relationship to quality in some way, right. NABCEP represents quality. And I think there’s an important distinction to make, in that NABCEP really emphasizes quality in terms of tasks. Selling a system, designing a system, installing, commissioning, maintaining, those are all […]

The Big Picture of Renewable Energy | DoE Director Shares Insights at 2017 Partner Summit

I thank Boaz and the BayWa team here for the chance to speak today. My name is Charlie Gaye, I’ve been working in solar for a little more than 43 years now. In the last six months, I’ve been at the Department of Energy, so I’m really interested in hearing what you think we ought […]

A&R Solar: Why We Founded This Company

Hi, my name is Andy. My name is Reeves. We are the founders of A&R Solar. Why we started A&R is a pretty big question. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want to move toward. It’s easier to know what you want to move away from. For me, that was a lot of bad […]

#57 – Roof Replacement After Solar Panel Installation

oh right all right happy Friday welcome back everybody got a pretty fun topic here with our Facebook live as always Rex Kehoe Patrick Crowly joining you here today we are going to be talking about whether or not to basically re-roof or what happens if you have to replace your roof when you go […]

SolarBoom Agency – Smart Marketing for Solar Achievers

Solar power and other renewables are ready to take over. In 2016, solar power delivered 1.8 percent of the planet’s electricity demand… that’s 302 gigawatts. Not bad. And whether the future of solar is grid tied or it moves to ultra efficient batteries, that will be up to installers, manufacturers, and the market to decide. […]

How Do You Pick The Best Solar Installer?

How do you pick the best solar installer? There are thousands of companies installing solar panels today. Every company is different, so it’s important to understand how to choose the best solar installer for you. Here are the top five things that you should consider. First, make sure to hire an installer that has experience […]

Homeowners share why they used EnergySage to go solar

Any question that I had or any question that I could think of, they could either answer or if they didn’t have the answer to that question they would definitely get back to me with that answer. I actually had no idea about how to locate an installer. The only people that I knew of […]

Why there are twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs

Twice as many. In 2016, more than 130,000 people worked as solar installers in the US, while 51,000 worked in coal mining. So, what happened? First, solar panels got a lot cheaper. Ten years ago, rooftop solar systems were more than twice as expensive as they are today. The price drop in the earlier years […]

Internalizing Complexity in Solar Industry | Enphase CEO Shares Insights at 2017 Partner Summit

Paul very much for having me. This is not something we get to do enough, frankly. Being the technology provider, usually leaves us a couple of steps removed from the installer, which we don’t like, but it’s sort of where we sit in the supply chain, but it is very much our intention to get […]