30W Solar panel Kit Video 2

Welcome back, so now we should have all 12 of our solar cells pre-tabbed and we’re ready to assemble them into our base panel. First we’ll want to number each cell cavity according to the documentation, so that we can easily ascertain what direction and which cells should be placed in each cavity. We’ll start […]

Harbor Freight 100W Solar Panel Kit – Introduction

Well, I just wanted to give a quick overview of the Harbor freight 100 watt Solar panel kit these are Brand-new today’s july 4th 2017 quick review Harbor Freight now gives you four panels instead of three with 100 watts total 25 watts each those four panels Come into this new charge controller that you […]

Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit. Full Review – Day 1

Well This is a Video of the new Harbor freight Hundred watt solar Panel kit This Just Released As far as I know the first Part of July or late June 2017 And I’ve Just Opened up the Box and Set everything out Nothing Is mounted Permanently or anything In Fact it’s not even Connected […]