Have You Seen Your Electric Bill Lately? | Why Vacaville Residents are Switching to Solar Energy

Semper Solaris Vacaville, Have you seen your electric bill lately? Vacaville residents are fed up with rising electric rates, and for good reason! With electric rates at an all-time high and time-of-use rates in full effect, Vacaville residents are switching to solar energy Solar panels have made huge strides over the years regarding technology and […]

Smart Power For All – The Future Of Electricity Production

Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it in 2020?

I think we live on a beautiful planet. But as we know, there’s a lot of bad stuff happening to the environment here on Planet Earth. Let’s not dwell on the bad stuff. I think we all know by now that it’s not good. I want to do as much as I can to live […]

Why Hawaii Banned Solar!

Hey this is Adam again with The Solar Truth and we have an interesting topic today, it’s a solar in Hawaii. So why was solar banned in Hawaii? Well we’re gonna get details of what that means and and what really the truth is behind that. There’s been different rumors in the past and people […]


Hello YouTubers, you are welcome to another of my YouTube video, today’s video is all about showing you how I upgraded my solar setup, I have now a 200AH deep cycle battery and am gonna be showing you how I hooked it up, to my Inverter, Charge Controller and Solar Panel As you can see […]

Reduce your electric bill with Solar Power Plants & Subsidy

benefits of solar power, cost of solar system for home in india, cost to install solar panels, green energy, indian renewable energy, solar companies No comments Reduce Your Electric Bill with Solar Panel Power System and Subsidy Reduce Your Electric Bill with Solar Panel Power System and Subsidy Yes, this is the new Mantra, “Reduce […]

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need? – #52

all righty here we are happy Friday everybody welcome back we are at number number 52 picked my solar pick my solar live deep dive number 52 got a pretty fun topic today as always Rex Kehoe not always I guess most time with today Rex Kehoe and Patrick Crowley we’re gonna be talking about […]

The Best Free Energy from Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control Review

hi in this video I will show you a solar floodlight with remote control the package contains manual instruction ground spike mount screws floodlight two remote controllers in the solar panel the floodlight is made from German equipped with 60 LEDs and has the dimensions of 13 to 10 centimeters and 7 centimeters thick in […]

Solar Panels For Beginners

Every hour the Earth is hit with more energy from the sun than the entire world consumes in a year. Solar Panel Systems for homes are increasing in popularity and decreasing in price. Many homeowners are discovering the advantages of Solar Power and you may have even seen quite a few systems being installed in […]

Solar Panels For Home – 1 Year Later

Well, the time has finally arrived. Some of you have been asking for an update on my solar panel system, and I’ve finally passed the one year mark. It was actually back at the beginning of October, so I’m a little late, but better late than never. Let’s take a look at how much energy […]