Germany: The world’s first major renewable energy economy

The planet Earth will be completely devastated by 2050 if natural resources will be exploited at the current rate. The man barbarically devastate the planet, preventing it from being able to recover. According to the scientists, in 50 years people will have to move to another planet, because life on Earth will be impossible. This […]

How to make custom length battery cables for off grid solar

00:00 hello Dan here this video is gonna be 00:02 about how to make custom length cables 00:05 for your solar or wind battery bank I’m 00:11 I’m using four gauge copper copper 00:15 braided wire and lots of solder anyway I 00:20 hope you enjoy if you like please 00:21 subscribe hello there it’s […]

Between Two Nerds #7 | Electricity & Solar Energy | Science Podcast

Hello and welcome to another episode of Curiosity Lab’s Between Two Nerds, where each week, if you’ve watched or listened to us before, you will know that we invite a tiny human being to sit between us and have a little chat about science. This week our tiny human being is… Spatika and I am […]

Solar Energy Comes to the East Baltimore Campus

Johns Hopkins Medicine is taking advantage of the benefits of solar power on 100 acres in rural Queen Anne, Maryland, about 60 miles from the Johns Hopkins Hospital campus in Baltimore. The solar farm boasts more than 40,000 solar panels.>>This site produces 13 megawatts of energy and on a hot summer day in Baltimore with […]

The São Gonçalo solar plant contributes to the professional development of local communities

My kids were very happy When I came to work here, They were really happy, oh my God! Because, here I learn, and it’s from here that I support them, as a mother and a father. [Music] [Music] My name is Gilnete, I’m from Paranaguá but currently I live in Corrente, I’m 38 years old […]

Avail Benefits of Solar Panels

Hello Friends, Today our topic of discussion is Avail Benefits of Solar Panels First of all I would request you all to Like, Share and subscribe this Channel to get more tips and tricks about Solar Energy, solar panels and solar power plants in India. Consider How to Avail Benefits of Solar Panels Before constructing […]

Solar Panels For Beginners

Every hour the Earth is hit with more energy from the sun than the entire world consumes in a year. Solar Panel Systems for homes are increasing in popularity and decreasing in price. Many homeowners are discovering the advantages of Solar Power and you may have even seen quite a few systems being installed in […]

Up close look at the design of an 18KW Solar Array

In this video we will go over some of the nuts and bolts of the system that makes a big difference between a neat system and/or a sloppy system This is showing Everest mounting. This was designed, I guess I did the design here. This is Ben with Belmont Solar. And the workers at Belmont […]