I Converted an Old Van into a Cozy Home on Wheels! (Campervan Conversion & Tour)

– Hey there, guys. My name is Jordan, and this is my home. (soft electronic music) She’s a 1986 Toyota HiAce with a pop top roof, and as of two and a half weeks ago, it is now my full time home and office on wheels. So, in this video, I wanted to show you […]

Transforming Air Into Pure Drinking Water Is Finally Possible, Here’s How

Deserts are not particularly welcoming environments, and yet at least hundred million people live in desert regions around the world, according to the UN. They have to make due with less than 25 cm of rainfall each year, and for many, even that miniscule water supply is under threat as climate change is making dry […]

How Solar Panels in Raleigh Improve Your Home Finances

We have had solar for about six months. To me it’s almost a triple benefit because you’re saving money on power, you’re helping the environment, but you can use the $200-$300 dollars that you’re saving every month and then start a college fund for your kids. What made us choose Southern Energy was they were […]

Improving access to electricity in Gaza

My name is Khitam Hassouna Mohammed Saleem. I’m an ill woman. I suffer from asthma and I need a nebulizer device. My husband is also very sick. He has diabetes and hepatosplenomegaly. He needs a fan constantly because when he sweats a lot he gets spasms. Electricity was available for only two or three hours. […]

Solar Energy Power Solutions

Hello Friends, Today our topic of discussion is “Solar Energy Power Solutions” First of all I would request you all to Like, Share and subscribe this Channel to get more tips and tricks about Solar Energy, solar panels and solar power plants in India. Solar Energy Power Solutions Today the whole world is looking towards […]

Solar Powered House Case History

Case History: Solar Power The SML House – so called because it is a flexible, modular design that can be built in Small, Medium or Large configurations was the entry of the Cardinal Herrera University, Valencia, in the Solar Decathlon competition. The Solar Decathlon Europe is a solar power competition for houses that are self-sufficient […]

Solar Energy | A green switch for planet earth

That blazing golden orb which is the basis of life on earth and lying 150 million kilometers across is a powerhouse of energy. The energy produced by this star, built mostly of gases, is several thousand times more than the energy currently produced or consumed by us. It is our perennial source of energy-the Sun. […]

Kurt & Ramona from Hawaii – Vivint Solar

The lifestyle here in Hawaii is pretty laid back, you know, we do a lot of outdoor things so we’re constantly going on hikes, we’re out at the beach, my older kids play sports so we’re constantly on the go. With our business we’re gone on the weekends shooting weddings so having Vivint being our […]

Experience of Switching To Solar At Home | Solarify | Bengaluru, India

Uh, really professional, I must say. Sharath (founder, Solarify) has been really supportive. Everyone, I mean, Apoorva (Solar Engineer at Solarify) … there was another person I forget his name…who started off (background) Sanketh (ex-Operations & Innovations at Solarify) ? Yes, Sanketh, I think. So, it was pretty smooth. The installation took a bit of […]

How to calculate how many solar modules you need (Solar Energy Course 2020 Part 8 of 12)

How many solar modules are needed to produce a certain amount of power? How would you calculate this? What is the effect of module efficiency on your result? Find out in this video. This video is part of iPolytek’s online course on solar energy. iPolytek, Professional Development Courses for Engineers. Sizing a PV System involves […]